Legion Of Super Heroes Volume 4 Annual 4 Review

It is now time to dip into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ and pull out Legion of Super Heroes Volume 4 Annual 4 Part of the Bloodlines Crossover from DC Comics. An individual from the 21st century is pulled into the 31st century, named Jamm, with the powers of Mind Control.

Legion of Super Heroes Volume 4 Annual 4 Review

Legion of Super Heroes Volume 4 Annual 4 was released by DC Comics in 1993 as part of the Bloodlines Crossover and time to take a breath, because the credits are many. Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum are the writers.

Stuart Immonen, Darrly Banks, Joe Phillips, Christopher Taylor, and Nick J Napolitano are on pencils. Terry Austin, Wade Von Grawbager, Ron Boyd, and Dan Davis were inking. Colors were done by Tom McCraw and Bob Pinaha was the letterer. K.C. Carlson, Eddie Berganza, and Mike McAvnnie were the editors.

One would think that with this many people, working on a comic book, there would be some kind of quality.

Actually come to think about it, the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen comes to mind about this comic book.” While it is not necessarily the worst comic book ever written, I just think when you are hung up on one character, that is bad.

The Legion of Superheroes were a group of heroes from the 31st century and I could write an entire series of articles trying to hammer out their exact history, what’s in continuity, and what’s not in continuity. They were rather connected to the younger Superman, when he was called Superboy.

So we’ve got

this new hero, back in the 21st century, this young man named Jamm. Jamm has that stereotypical surfer/skater/stoner talk that is fine in small doses. Very small doses. Really small doses, for a character that does not overwhelm the issue and thus make the reader want to reach through the pages of the comic book to strangle said character. He has the power of mind control, which is the ultimate irony.

Such a power should be handled with care and by not some skater punk who has a clock is set at 4:20, who only cares about babes and partying. The day is saved and once again, as with all of the Bloodline crossovers, the strength depends on how much you like the comic book. And I’ll be honest, when I’m normally fine with Legion of Super Heroes, this one just didn’t feel like all that enjoyable.

Shadow Lass threatening Jamm, with potential bodily harm and pain, in exchange for him to behave, that was rather great. And the advertisements were the best part, featuring the Reign of Superman and something with Batman and the Joker. Not one I’d recommend picking up unless for the completest.

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