July 2011 Year In Review For Wrestling: Cult Of Personality

Let’s continue our trek through the world of wrestling in 2011, with the July 2011 Wrestling Year in Review, for the month that was.

Let’s not waste any time, let’s get started with the July 2011 Wrestling Year in Review

July 2011 Year in Review of Wrestling: Cult of Personality


CM Punk Escapes Chicago with the WWE Championship


At the end of the month, CM Punk announced his intentions to walk out of Chicago at Money in the Bank on July 17th 2011 with the WWE Champion. Vince McMahon suspended Punk and stripped him of the title shot, but John Cena convinced Vince to

give Punk his match. McMahon did, under the penalty that Cena would be fired if Punk left Chicago. In an epic encounter, CM Punk won the WWE Championship, despite the best efforts of Vince McMahon and professional corporate stooge John Laurinaitis. Alberto Del Rio was sent out to cash in on his RAW Money in the Bank Shot but Punk knocked him out and escaped the arena and Chicago, blowing Vince a kiss on his way out.

Also, as we know, Alberto Del Rio won the Money in the Bank Match for RAW. Smackdown was won by Daniel Bryan and Christian recaptured the World Heavyweight Title against Randy Orton via disqualification, with Orton destroying Christian after the match. Mark Henry destroyed the Big Show, continuing his rise up the rankings in WWE. Money in the Bank may be the greatest Pay Per View of the year, with CM Punk vs. John Cena being the only WWE match in almost fifteen years to be given the fabled five star rating from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

TNA Destination X Highlights the X-Division and Return of Six Sided Ring


TNA presented Destination X, a night that showcased the very best that the X-Division had to offer. It was headlined by two of the top X-Division competitors in AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, with AJ Styles winning. Also Brian Kendrick liberated the X-Division Title from Abyss, Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn, Austin Aries won a fatal four way match against Low Ki, Zema Ion, and Jack Evans to get a contract, and Shannon Moore won an Ultimate X-Match to become the number one contender for the TNA X-Division Title. All in all Destination X was a mystical, magical night.

Vince McMahon forced to resign by the Board of Directors, Triple H steps up.


When Vince McMahon tried to fire John Cena, the WWE Board of Directors stepped up, with Triple H heading right up as the COO of WWE, as Vince was sent home. Triple H brought back John Morrison and Jim Ross to RAW. It was not the last time we really

see Vince McMahon but his age mandates that he would really not really go to a full time role in WWE. Yet Triple H was running WWE but it would really not be the easy task that he would in fact claim.

Sting’s Evil Clowns Appear on Mid Summer’s Nightmare, Allowing Him to Regain the TNA Championship


Mr. Anderson had won the TNA Championship and joined Immortal the previous week, but he would step into the ring with Sting. Sting had a group of evil clowns, continuing the shameless ripoff of the Heath Ledger version of the Joker from the Dark Knight. The clowns took out Immortal one by one, revealing themselves to be Fortune. Then a fifth clown interfered, taking out Bully Ray allowing Sting to regain the TNA Championship from Kurt Angle.

Sin Cara Suspended from WWE Due to Wellness Policy


Mexican Superstar Sin Cara was suspended due to violating the terms of the WWE Wellness Policy. It did turn out that the man behind the mask, the former Mistico, was having some troubles with WWE, and there were rumors that Sin Cara would only be back with a different person behind the mask. August would prove to be the return of Sin Cara and an intriguing wrinkle in the saga of Sin Cara.

Rey Mysterio wins the WWE Championship, then John Cena does, then the true WWE Champion returns.


Rey Mysterio captured the WWE Championship on the July 25th 2011 WWE RAW, defeating the Miz. Almost two hours later, Rey defended his title against the former champion John Cena, dropping the title to Cena. Yet as Cena celebrated with the championship around his waist, the return of CM Punk took center stage, with the WWE Championship, to the in Living Color song, “Cult of Personality.” The two WWE Champions stood face to face, as there would be one true WWE Champion before too long coming up in Summerslam in August.

And that is where we will continue with the 2011 Year in Review, with August and Summerslam.


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