Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 7 Titanium Vs Iron

It’s time to take a look at the latest episode of Iron Man Armored Adventures. This would be Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 7 Titanium vs. Iron. This would be the Episode 33 of Iron Man Armored Adventures, first airing on the Nicktoons Network on August 25th 2011, featuring Justin Hammer unleashing his new creation, Titanium Man, to take down Iron Man and War Machine.

Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 7 Titanium vs. Iron


I was kind of hard on this show for the past couple of episodes, due to mostly the fact that the last couple

of episodes did not really light my world on fire. Naturally we’re going to have episodes that can lead to a dry spell or two. However the show rebounded to continue the hot part of the second season of Iron Man Armored Adventures.

There is a pretty good indicator that Justin Hammer might not be all right in the head after this website. Obsessive in many ways, a bit psychotic, and kind of Cuckoo for Coco Puffs shall we say. There is the implication that he has killed at least one person, perhaps more and we fly a ways away from implication towards the end of this episode, but more on that in a minute.

Justin Hammer also gets away with the following: “Banking Schemes, Retail Schemes, and Those Annoying Pop-Up Ads.” You know that last one could be grounds for the chair. Just saying.

A nice tease with Hammer saying that he knew Tony’s secret, but it’s not the secret naturally. An interesting scene with Hammer and Tony at dinner, although I fear that’s going to spawn

a few slash fan fictions. And Tony’s suggestion of where Hammer can put those snails…wow.

The fight scenes were epic in this episode. The voice used for the Titanium Man armor was a contrast to Hammer pretty much spazzing out in the armor, like the most annoying manner possible. But it was a good kind of annoying. There was some sense of urgency for sure in this episode, when War Machine was taken down and Iron Man’s armor was rapidly running out of power.

Titanium Man’s armor lighting up like a Roman candle, that was a cool enough visual.

And what Hammer did to Mr. Fix at the end, yikes. Yikes even more so as technically speaking, he did not kill him. No what he did was much worse. A fate much worse than did. Although to be fair Mr. Fix did warn him about the consequences of using the untested armor. Also to be fair, Hammer’s kind of nuts, which is another contrast.

Overall I’ll give this one at 8/10, as it was a rather enjoyable episode. Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 7 Titanium vs. Iron can legally be watched on the Nicktoons Network or through the official Iron Man Armored Adventures section on the Nicktoons Network Website. Iron Man Armored Adventures Reviews

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