Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 2 The Invincible Iron Man Part 2

Its now time for the review of the second episode for Iron Man Armored Adventures entitled the Invincible Iron Man Part Two: Reborn. This episode aired on July 20th 2011 on the Nicktoons Network and is available on their website video on demand service, if you have the patience to get the player working. It is now time to delve into our review of Iron Man Armored Adventures Season Two Episode Two The Invincible Iron Man Part Two: Reborn, which is episode 28 of Iron Man Armored Adventures. With all these twos, this episode is bound to be approved by

Two-Face but wrong comic book company. Anyway on with the review. There may be spoilers in this review, so please do not get offended if some major plot points get revealed.

Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode Two Season Two The Invincible Iron Man Part Two: Reborn

We kick off with a continuation of last week's episode, with Tony Stark being taken to the hospital after getting battered badly by Whiplash and his heart monitor is malfunctioning something rather fierce. Thankfully the doctor is brought in who implanted the technology into Stark's heart in the first place and hopefully everything will be well. Not before the doctors at the hospital try their best to help but do far more harm is cool.

"Your friend Tony Stark is dead....Just Kidding." That was rather cruel and something rather funny at the same time. Almost for a split second, I bought it but then again, they would not kill the main character approximately three minutes into the second episode of the second season. So really it was a nice dramatic moment, before the obvious swerve kicked in.

Obediah Stane is being his usual charming self to Mr. Fix. And he was so very wrong about the person on the other end. In many ways, we should have seen it coming the identity of the guy who hired Mr. Fix.

Justin Hammer might be young, but he has a pretty good start of being smarmy in this episode. This younger version of Hammer has a rather interesting bit of potential and we'll see whether or not the season plays out.

The escape from the hospital was rather kind of forced. Pepper wanting her own armor, since Rhodey(as War

Machine) and Tony(naturally as Iron Man) have it...well that should be all kinds of interesting. The Iron Man Mark 2.0 armor was rather badass in its own way.

Nice to see Blizzard back, along with his past employment with Stane being brought up. This show is really building well off of the first season of this show.

Some really solid fight scenes in this episode as well. Showcasing the new armor. Although I'm almost convinced that Rhodey's purpose as War Machine in this cartoon is to get severely owned and then it makes Iron Man look all bad ass. Then again, we have twenty four more episodes. Also Whiplash on the glider, perhaps on loan from Norman Osborn?

What Iron Man did to Stane at the end of the episode, well that's what you get for being an utter douchbag, Obediah. Good luck getting down from the roof.

The stuff with the Mandarin, kind of just there to advance the plot. And now he has the sixth Makulan ring, with the guardian being the Melter. A rather god like figure in this cartoon, but a thug with a melting weapon in the comics.

The ending was all kinds of good stuff as well. It sets up the rest of Season Two of Iron Man Armored Adventures masterfully. The entire episode was rather solid but not the greatest. 7/10 for this one.

Next week, The Living Laser returns. Wait, he's dead, you say? Well obviously a little thing like death is not going to keep a character in a comic book based cartoon away. Of course, when he returns, he's a little...beside himself shall we say.

Watch Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode Two Season Two The Invincible Iron Man Part 2: Reborn and Other Future Episodes of Iron Man Armored Adventures, Wednesday Night on the Nicktoons Network at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Iron Man Armored Adventures Reviews

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