Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 40 The Mandrinís Quest

It is now time to review Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 14 The Mandrin’s Quest. In this episode, the Mandrin mentally influences Iron Man to find the 8th Makluan Ring. But both of them fight a threat that make their absolutely worst nightmares come to life and fight them. Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 14 Mandrin’s Quest was Episode 40 of Iron Man Armored Adventures and first aired on the Nicktoons Network on February 29th 2012.

Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 40 The Mandrin’s Quest.

For the first time since the Season 1 finale, Iron Man and

the Mandrin or to be more accurate, Tony Stark and Gene Khan come face to face and it is rather exciting. The Mandrin has been behind the scenes for the past season, collecting the sixth and seventh Makluan Rings, but he needs a little help to acquire the eighth, so he gets in touch with his old friend. Needless to say, our young Mr. Stark is not too reception, but with a little persuasion with the seventh ring, Tony and Gene, with Pepper being dragged along for the ride are off to Egypt for the eighth ring and War Machine is in pursuit.

I thought this action packed, and rather enjoyable for any number

of reasons. It really delved into the psychology of the main hero and the main villain of this show. Not to mention the guardian for the eighth ring was rather creepy to say the very least. The Grim Reaper slashing both Manadrin and Iron Man straight into their absolutely worst nightmares, that was rather choice.

And character development. Is there some good in Gene Khan, the Manadrin still. Or is he just purely been warped by the power. He claims he is doing things for the greater good, but that has been an excuse that has been trotted out by many twisted extremists over the years. It is a common argument.

Action packed and excellent episode, could be the fact that after four months of no new episodes of any of my favorite comic book related cartoons I’m feeling generous, but let’s tag this episode with an 8/10. You can watch Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 40 the Mandrin’s Quest in full on the Iron Man Armored Adventure section on the Nicktoons Network website right now.

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