Is Instant Gratification Destroying Us


The society of today is one of instant gratification. The reasons for this are rather obvious. People want to get where they want to go rather quickly. The pace of everything just seems so much slower. Everyone in the world is rather impatient and frustrated. The entire world trips over each other in their attempt to get things done.

Everyone has a, "what have you done for me" lately mentality. With said attention span at around five minutes or so, based on what they have done for them. It's not the fault of any one person. Although I doubt I would

fault anyone if they would just blame the governments for the problem. Any government in the world would be a good tool for blame and they have done much.

All people from around the world need to do is look at the world around us. The state of the economy really is one that is wrecked and damaged. The current drought of the world and the record hot temperatures this past summer have been of our own doing for many reasons. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it is hard to ignore the elephant in the room that is the hot weather. In some areas, grass is burned.

Our need for instant gratification has been present all of the time. It causes everyone to trip

over each other. We need money and obviously the world economy has made it as such where money means less. Therefore we take short cuts. Instant gratification can be a deadly and a dangerous mentality to have. Yet, it is a mentality ringing common.

Are we doomed? It would take a lot to beat these habits out of ourselves. Every single generation has problems, even the so called good ones. When the history of humanity has been written, we might all look back at this time as where everything spiraled out of control. The reasons are numerous. It all ties back to our over reliance on shortcuts getting the better of us.

Business is dead. The economy has spiraled out of control. The Earth continues to bake and we are about to die. Perhaps we will snap out of it and bring us to a golden age. Nothing is for certain. We do live in interesting times in 2012.

Interesting is not always fun and joyous. We have to take life one step at a time.


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