Impact Wrestling Spoilers 8/18/11

Welcome to your Impact Wrestling Spoilers. This show is taped on August 9th 2011 and the show will be airing Thursday Night, August 18th 2011, on Spike TV, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. TNA is on the road to No Surrender and the Bound for Glory series is winding down. If you don't want to read the spoilers, then click out right now. Otherwise move forward and taste the insanity of another episode of Impact Wrestling for 8/18/11

Impact Wrestling Results 8/18/11

Jesus Barbosa defeated Jayson Cyprus.

Magnus defeated Alex Shelley on Xplosion in a match in the Xplosion Championship series.

Abyss defeated Frankie

Kazarian in another Xplosion Match.

Sting came to the ring, talking about how the fans are wishing for Hulk Hogan to return to the ring. What fans are these? Who are these people? Who wants to see a broken down and crippled Hulk Hogan attempt to wrestle in 2011? Speaking of broken down, Ric Flair is back. Ric Flair wants a match with Sting one more time. Now there's a match that I want to see. If Flair wins, then Sting is going to retire. If Sting wins, then Flair says that he'll personally serve Hogan to Sting on a silver platter. Sting accepts the challenge. Ten years after these two men fought on the last WCW Nitro, we'll have Sting and Ric Flair squaring off one more time and I'm actually fine with this.

Scott Steiner pinned Devon. After the match, Samoa Joe stormed out and beat down Devon. Joe goes after Devon's sons, but the Pope makes the save.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have an argument backstage, with Hogan saying that Sting should be done after last week.

Hogan says that he'll never wrestle Sting, ever and Flair blows Hogan a kiss. Errrr.

Austin Aries won an X-Division Gauntlet Match, last eliminating Jesse Sorenson after Kid Kash interfered. Also Robbie E, Mark Haskins, Alex Shelley, Anthony Nese, Zema Ion, and Kid Kash. Austin Aries naturally receives an X-Division Title Shot.

Mickie James defeated ODB. Jacqueline was at ringside. I guess ODB and Jacqueline are just back with contracts, for no reason. Jacqueline refuses to attack Mickie and instead shakes her hand in a sign of respect.

AJ Styles defeated Rob Van Dam via disqualification when Jerry Lynn interfered, causing Rob Van Dam to lose ten more points in the Bound for Glory series. AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam are both none too pleased.

Crimson and Kurt Angle have a confrontation. Angle says that he's going to eliminate every young wrestler on the roster and he started with Crimson. Crimson can't shine Angle's gold medal. We have a match set up between Crimson and Kurt Angle next week. So our potential Bound for Glory title match on free television. That's about right. Way to go TNA.

Mexican America won the TNA Tag Team Titles over Beer Money. Jeff and Karen Jarrett both got involved, which allowed Mexican America to win. The Jarretts celebrate with Mexican America.

That was Impact Wrestling airing on August 18th 2011, which was taped on August 9th 2011.

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