Impact Wrestling 8/11/11

Welcome to Impact Wrestling for 8/11/11, the report of the episode after TNA's Hardcore Justice Pay Per View. Tonight the Bound for Glory series continues with Crimson taking on Gunner, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner. Plus we will hear from the new TNA Champion Kurt Angle, who will explain his actions from this Sunday and boy its a doozy of an explanation.

Impact Wrestling 8/11/11

Recap from last Sunday.

So we kick things off with Immortal making their way down to the ring. Bully Ray does a lot of talking. He is not impressed with Abyss getting pinned by AJ Styles last night,

to continue his ill advised babyface turn. Speaking of ill advised babyface turns, Bully Ray puts over Mr. Anderson for going toe to toe with him. Bully Ray offers a handshake to Mr. Anderson which is not receptive. Then Immortal beats up Mr. Anderson. So on the 7/7/11 Impact Wrestling Mr. Anderson joins Immortal and tonight just slightly a month later, he is kicked out of the group. What a run! Mr. Anderson is stretchered out. A brutal beating that will keep him out for the long and winding time of less than two hours. No, I'm not kidding. Also they're going to take out Crimson.

Mickie James pinned Madison Rayne in a number one contenders match for the Knockout's Title.

Shouldn't Mickie kind of have a return match coming up being the former champion? Why is Madison in line for a title shot? I don't even remember the last time she won a match. She lost to Miss Tessmacher in two minutes last week. The match itself was more than fine I guess. Mickie spikes Madison with a DDT to get the win to get the Knockout Title Shot that she should have been entitled to in the first place.

Brian Kendrick pinned Robbie E.(w/Cookie)

Hey look Robbie E's still employed. Yet Amazing Red and Generation Me aren't. There's something wrong with that. Austin Aries is on commentary for this match. Run of the mill match. A return match from TNA Sacrifice. Cookie accidentally sprays Robbie E in the eyes and Brian Kendrick hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Robbie E. Cookie and Robbie E argue after the match because this is TNA and everyone must not get along.

Pope and Devon are backstage. Devon doesn't trust the Pope. More of the same.

The Jarretts are here.

Robbie E and Cookie continue to argue and appear to break up. I can't muster the urge to care.

Beer Money defeated Devon and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero and Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match in the Bound for Glory Series.

A pretty good three way tag team match, by and far the match of the evening by a country mile. Christopher Daniels was on commentary for this match. Its a wild brawl towards the end but Bobby Roode pulls out the Pay Off on The Pope to score the pin. Bobby Roode gets seven points and he's now in second place in the series underneath Crimson, with thirty five points.

Kurt Angle Explains About His Actions.

Kurt Angle is out to explain his actions. He hit Sting with the chair last Sunday because he wants Dixie Carter back and Kurt Angle doesn't because Dixie lied to him about Karen and Jeff., no, I'm not thinking about it, because it will make my head explode. Angle calls all of the wrestlers in the back, dirt bags. You don't say. Angle vows to annihilate all of the young talent in the back. The ones that Dixie brought in. Sting comes out to confront Angle but Hulk Hogan shows up and attacks Sting, beating him with a steel chair. Over and over and over! Hogan destroys Sting. After such a brutal and violent beating Sting will be making his return next week on

this program. Wow what a long time to be on the shelf, for this violent and brutal beating. Hogan raises Angle's hand. Kurt Angle aligned himself with the group that screwed him out of his career back at Bound for Glory, that includes Jeff and Karen, the people that Dixie lied about, but he's now kind of aligned with them, despite being mad, so he's going to take out the young guys.

How does this make any sense whatsoever!

Miss Tessmacher and Tara defeated ODB and Jacqueline

Joy, just when this show couldn't agitate me any more, we have this match. Although they do kind of explain why ODB and Jacqueline are wrestling, despite being not part of the company. I think this match might have been something decent, but it rated about a nine on the Russo meter, due to ODB and Jacqueline fighting over cheating. Miss Tessmacher rolls up Jacqueline for the pin. Then after the match, ODB and Jacqueline shake hands with Tessmacher and Tara. Sure, why not, I don't care.

Eric Bischoff with the X-Division. It has a weight limit now, which flies in the very spirit of the X-Division. ITS NOT ABOUT WEIGHT LIMITS, ITS ABOUT NO LIMITS! Now it truly is the belt for vanilla midgets. And they signed the most useless people. No Jack Evans, no Low Ki, no Jimmy Yang. Oh wait Jimmy Yang was given a check that bounced. Way to go TNA. Seriously Jesse Sorenson. Who in the hell is Jesse Sorenson? Austin Aries vows to be the champion. There's a Gauntlet next week.

The Jarretts are out. Jeff Jarrett beats up people. Hector Guerrero comes out. Hector runs Jeff off with a chair. Likely leading to Chavo coming in after his ninety days are up and feuding with Jeff Jarrett.

Eric Young...CLICK!

"Stone Cold" Ken Anderson returns, all bloodied and goes after Bully Ray, but gets beaten down by Immortal yet again. FAIL!

Crimson defeated Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner in the Bound for Glory Series.

To make a long story short, Immortal beats down Crimson, Crimson fights back and flukes his way to the win, rolling up Gunner for the pin. TNA is going for Goldberg but its coming out more Mikey Whipwreck for Crimson. Then Kurt Angle attacks Crimson and hurts his knee.

Why You Should Watch Impact Wrestling 8/11/11

Three Way Tag Team Match was good, the rest of the show just isn't.

Impact Wrestling Results 8/11/11

Mickie James pinned Madison Rayne to become the number one contender for the Knockouts Title.
Brian Kendrick pinned Robbie E with Sliced Bread #2
Beer Money defeated D'Angelo Dinero and Devon and AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam in the Bound for Glory Series when Bobby Roode pinned The Pope to earn seven points and slide to second place.
Miss Tessmacher and Tara defeated ODB and Jacqueline.
-Crimson defeated Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner in the Bound for Glory Series. Kurt Angle attacked Crimson after the match. Complete TNA Impact Wrestling Review Archives

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