Impact Wrestling 4/18/13

Impact Wrestling for April 18th 2013 featured the main event of AJ Styles taking on James Storm. Let’s run down the results of this show and recap the events of Impact Wrestling 4/18/13.

Impact Wrestling 4/18/13 Results and Review.

What did this reviewer think when he watched Impact Wrestling 4/18/13? I thought it was a halfway decent show all things considered, with a good main event.

Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco picked up the win over Kurt Angle in a handicap match. Yeah this was a match that was what it was for sure. It was Kurt Angle trying to pick up the

win over these two men but the Aces and 8s overwhelm him and eventually pick up the win. I didn’t find this one to be a good effort. Whilst Ric Flair could carry a broomstick, our Olympic Gold Medalist had to try and carry two loads.

Kenny King successfully retained the X-Division Championship over Petey Williams and Zema Ion. Petey might be a one trick pony but that particular trick is over so kudos for him for working with a formula that works. Some decent X-Division action was presented in this match with Petey pulling out the Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Aces and 8s lay down a beating on Magnus but Samoa Joe makes the save.

In a match to determine the number one contendership for the Knockout’s Championship, Mickie James scored the win over Miss Tessmacher. This was a decent match and hopefully we lead to a Mickie title run once again, maybe as a heel this time.

Joseph Park

is beaten down by Aces and 8s with Bully claiming that he knows best for Brooke. Bully Knows Best? There’s the spin off that never seemed to take shape.

Bad Influence and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode have words, setting up the match many of us want to see. Unfortunately, Chavo and Hernandez still exist and they run out to remind us that the least entertaining team of the three has the belts.

Devon retained the Television Championship against Samoa Joe after Mr. Anderson interfered and hit Joe with brass knuckles in a screw job finish. Mr. Anderson beats up Joe, yeah this one did nothing for me.

AJ Styles competed in his first match in months defeating James Storm with a submission move. I enjoyed this one, with Styles making Storm tap out. The real fun came after the match when Daniels and Kazarian came out but Styles attacked them. Then Aces and 8s ran out and attacked everyone. While Styles didn’t attack them, he didn’t go with them either. This is an exact carbon copy of the crow Sting stuff circa 1997 in WCW but somehow it’s working.


Impact Wrestling airing on April 18th 2013 on Spike TV.

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