Impact Wrestling 10/4/12

Impact Wrestling for October 4th 2012 was headlined by a Triple Threat Match between Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and the TNA Champion Austin Aries. Plus Sting picked his partner to face Aces and Eights at Bound for Glory.

Here are your Impact Wrestling Results for 10/4/12. Mr. Anderson picked up the win over Gunner. Tara and Gail Kim defeated ODB and Miss Tessmacher when Tara pinned Tessmacher with the Widow's Peak. Samoa Joe kept the TNA Television Title over Rob Van Dam. Chavo Guerrero managed to pick up the win over Kurt Angle with a roll up. Douglas Williams defeated the

X-Division Champion Zema Ion via disqualification. Bully Ray picked up the win over Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. Then Sting picked Bully Ray as his partner to take on Aces and Eights.

So what did this reporter think when he watched Impact Wrestling 10/4/12? Time to review Impact Wrestling and find out.

Impact has been solid over the past year, but as of late with this entire Aces and Eights storyline, it just seems like its slid half of a step back. There were some good matches, RVD against Samoa Joe was a solid little match, the main event was good, but this show was rather hit and miss in general.

The big problem is the rather prominent afterthought that the James Storm against Bobby Roode storyline has become. The biggest mistake this company has made, well one of the top ten biggest mistakes, is not putting the belt on James Storm. Roode cooled big time as a heel afterwards, and the belt got put on the white hot Austin Aries. Which I had no problem with, but they decided to stretch out the feud a long time. The bookers of this company booked themselves into the corner.

The Knockout's Division in general has seen better days. That

tag team match does seem to be all that's left. I'm pretty sure Mickie James and Madison Rayne are still employed. Rosita and Sarita may still be employed as well, but for all I know, they've dropped off the face of the Earth.

Al Snow is wrestling at Bound for Glory in the year 2012 against Joey Ryan. Granted, we about figured it was going that way. I think it will be a solid match, but Snow's best days was fighting Hardcore Holly and the Road Dogg in 1999.

Aces and Eights and Sting's partner...we're really setting the stage for the 2041th Sting's partner stabs him in the back storyline. Or are we? TNA could pull the biggest swerve of all time, and have Bully Ray actually work together with Sting. Then have the mastermind of Aces and Eights be Abyss or Jeff Jarrett or whoever you want to slot in there. Anyone but Bischoff, even if it does look like it's going to go that way. Actually, Samoa Joe being the leader would be the best, given he has the proper motivation. We'll all know at Bound for Glory.

Remember when Gunner beat Mr. Anderson when he was TNA Champion? Boy have the mighty fallen. Anderson jobs Gunner big time on this show.

Douglas Williams and Zema Ion might be a good match if they got any time, and did not have a cheap finish.

So Impact Wrestling for 10/4/12 was a hit and miss show. Hopefully Bound for Glory will deliver big time.

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