Impact Wrestling 10/11/12

The final Impact Wrestling before Bound for Glory 2012 took place on October 11th 2012 on Spike TV. The main event featured Jeff Hardy going one on one against Bobby Roode. Plus all of the late breaking news regarding Bound for Glory 2012. It is now time to watch Impact Wrestling 10/11/12, and run down the results.

Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Results.

Austin Aries pinned James Storm with the Brainbuster in a non title match.

Hernandez pinned AJ Styles with a massive shoulder tackle, catching Styles off of a springboard.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels defeated Bully Ray and Sting via disqualification when Daniels was put

through a table.

The Knockout's Champion Miss Tessmacher pinned Gail Kim. Tara tries to attack Tessmacher, but Tessmacher turns the tables.

Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via disqualification in the main event.

Impact Wrestling 10/11/12:

So what did this reviewer think about Impact Wrestling for October 11th 2012? This show had two good matches on either side of the show, with Bobby Roode against Jeff Hardy and James Storm against Austin Aries both being quality action. Aries against Jeff Hardy shall be a good match. While a lot of the sizzle has been taken out of the Bobby Roode against James Storm feud, they should bring the goods.

The Aces and Eights storyline will have a resolution this Sunday. It seems rather obvious that Bully Ray is going to turn on Sting, almost too obvious. I expect him not to turn on Sting actually for once for a big swerve. Or they will swerve the swerve and go back to the obvious.

Zema Ion against Rob Van Dam is such a gloriously random X-Division

Title match. Then again, I'm sure they hoped Jesse Sorenson would be ready before now. So they got to go with what they have. RVD really has fallen a lot since 10/10/10 over the past two years.

Abyss is rumored to return this Sunday. As a friend or as a foe of Aces and Eights, well that remains to be see. At least they are feeding Joseph Park. Such a night bunch of kidnappers.

Daniels and Kazarian continue to be an entertaining act, and their bout against Bully Ray and Sting was perfectly acceptable tag team action.

The Tessmacher/Tara build continues to be simple, but effective. The same thing has been exhibited for the Magnus/Samoa Joe build. While Bound for Glory lacks the sizzle of past years, we are going to be hoping for some good matches.

For those of us who have been following the news, kind of a bad week to be Hulk Hogan. Of course, you should have known better than to trust someone who calls themselves Bubba the Love Sponge.

Impact was a solid, but not great show this week. James Storm against Austin Aries and Bobby Roode against Jeff Hardy were the highlights. Let us hope that Bound for Glory 2012 will be another solid effort.

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