Impact Wrestling 09/20/12

Open Fight Night Returned for Impact Wrestling on September 20th 2012. The show as headlined by Austin Aries against Bully Ray. The road to Bound for Glory continues, as we run down Impact Wrestling.

First, the results for Impact Wrestling 09/20/12 are listed right now. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles battled Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to a no contest when Kazarian and Christopher Daniels interfered. Douglas Williams defeated Evan Markopolous via submission. James Storm and Bobby Roode battled to a wild no contest. Bully Ray picked up the win over Austin Aries after hitting him with a chain. The full report

is below.

Shaq is in the house to watch Hulk Hogan’s back.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle walk down to the ring. They want the Tag Team Title Belts back, but Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are in their way. Tonight, the two number one contender teams meet to see who should get a title shot.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle battled Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to a no contest. Both teams had an impressive tag team match. Back and forth action kicked things up wide open on Impact Wrestling. Daniels and Kazarian rush out and run in.

Hulk Hogan popped up to make a Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match, with Daniels and AJ Styles, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, and defending champions Kazarian and Christopher Daniels at Bound for Glory. That match sounds like a winner.

Gutcheck is later tonight, and Al Snow has a few words about Joey Ryan.

Hulk Hogan had Joseph Park on the case.

Dixie Carter speaks with Bruce Prichard. The hunt for Aces and Eights continues.

Douglas Williams made Evan Markopolous submit to a neck crank. Here we go, this month’s Gutcheck Challenge Match. Markopolous suffered a huge beating, but in the end, Douglas Wiliams puts him a neck crank and Markopolous submits.

James Storm calls out Bobby Roode. Roode comes out, and says that Storm will never be the champion. He also refused to fight Roode. Hulk Hogan threatened to take away Roode’s ability to challenge for the title, along with his money, if he refuses. That’s a bit below the belt, Hulkster.

James Storm and Bobby Roode battled to a no contest. Both men pummeled each other throughout tonight’s match. The referee gets taken out and the match

gets thrown out. Then they continued to beat on each other. Glorified teaser for hopefully what will be a bloody brawl at Bound for Glory.

Aces and Eights have their own attorney to counter Chris Parks.

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talk. Aries is rising to the top, but he wants to reach the stardom of Jeff Hardy. This match build up is interesting, not because of the storyline, but because it’s a fresh new match.

Tara cut a promo, saying that she’s the greatest female wrestler there is. She takes some shots at Tessmacher and calls Christy Hemme into the ring. Hemme is beaten up, but Tessmacher makes the save.

Brooke Hogan tells Tara there will be consequences. Oh boy, now we’re in trouble.

Joseph Park is held hostage and beaten, as Hulk Hogan watches. Well, that’s likely not going to win them any legal points. This Aces and Eights storyline gets more intriguing. I’m not sure if it’s the good kind of intriguing either, or the bad kind. Bound for Glory will be one we’re going to wait for.

Austin Aries calls out Bully Ray for his main event match for the night. Bully Ray is out to taunt Aries, but Aries takes him out with a huge dive.

Bully Ray picked up the win over Austin Aries after nailing him with the chain. Bully Ray was tapping out, but the referee was down. The chain got involved and Bully Ray scored the pin.

Bully Ray celebrates with the title and Jeff Hardy saves Aries from a beating. Then Aries gets into an argument with Hardy.

So that was Impact Wrestling, as the Bound for Glory build up continues.

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