Impact Wrestling 07/12/12

Impact Wrestling for July 12th 2012 was the first show after the critically acclaimed TNA Destination X show. On this show, the Bound for Glory Series continues and Sting and Hulk Hogan try to get to the bottom of the attack of the mystery men. Let us watch Impact Wrestling 7/12/12 live on Spike TV and see the highlights.

Impact Wrestling 7/12/12

First the results of Impact Wrestling for July 12th 2012.

Impact Wrestling 7/12/12 Results

Bully Ray pinned Joseph Park in a brutal brawl. Park is driven nuts by the blood on his hands and destroys Ray after the match.

Rob Van Dam pinned

Samoa Joe with a cradle to gain seven points in the Bound for Glory Series.

Zema Ion pinned Dakota Darsow

Miss Tessmacher retained the TNA Knockout's Title over Gail Kim.

Kurt Angle pinned Ken Anderson in the Bound for Glory Series.

Hulk Hogan and Sting were beaten up by masked men.

Impact Wrestling 7/12/12 Report

Recap of Austin Aries winning the TNA Championship this past Sunday.

The history of Joseph Park and Bully Ray is shown.

Bully Ray pinned Joseph Park

Abyss is banned from ringside under threat of being arrested. Fair action but the story really brought this match up a level. Park is appalled at using the thumbtacks and this allows Bully Ray to nail him with the chain for the pin. The blood has unleashed the inner monster within Joseph Park who hits a huge Black Hole Slam. The fans have caught onto what is going on.

Sting is backstage, looking at the dead man's hand.

Bully Ray is freaking out about Joseph Park's transformation.

Rob Van Dam pinned Samoa Joe in the Bound for Glory Series.

Samoa Joe is number one in the Bound for Glory series, pretty big turnaround after the last year. Joe and Van Dam have a nice little battle, with RVD reversing a figure four into a cradle for the pin. Joe is still number one but RVD is now in fifth place.

Claire Lynch is here, so business is about to pick up.

Segment with Sting and Hulk Hogan preparing for war against the mystery masked bandana men.

The feud between Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are out, the feud is not over. Claire Lynch is out, and Daniels tells her to tell the entire truth. AJ tries to say that she doesn't have to tell them anything, but Claire says that AJ's the baby daddy. The Impact Zone goes up a few notches in my book, by chanting "Jerry" which nearly makes this entire storyline worth it.

We see Jesse Sorenson from the Pay Per View. Zema Ion promises to cash checks, break necks, and keep titles. Oh, awesome heeling. Dakota Darsow is out to defend Jesse Sorenson's honor.

Zema Ion pinned Dakota Darsow

Showcase for Ion, who hits the win with his Gory Bomb like move. Ion mocks Sorenson more and says that he's a dangerous man.

Austin Aries is out, to talk about his title victory. As one might expect, Bobby

Roode is out, to try and ruin the fun but the fans are heckling him about his loss. Roode is angered and Aries rubs the title victory. Roode leaves in a huff. Good segment between Aries and Roode.

Sting is ready as is Hulk Hogan. Devon shows up, offering himself and Garrett Bischoff as back up. Well now that Garrett Bischoff is watching your back Sting, it's on now. But Hogan declines the offer.

Kurt Angle hypes up his match with Mr. Anderson.

Madison Rayne talks about her newfound relationship with Earl Hebner.

Miss Tessmacher retained the TNA Knockout's Title over Gail Kim

Brooke Hogan wanders into our lives for another night, to watch the events of this match. These two do work together rather decently, so I can't really fault anyone for anything that occurs in this match. Tessmacher takes out Gail Kim with a flying elbow to pick up the win. Fairly decent match between the Knockouts.

Recap of the events of the storyline with AJ Styles and Claire Lynch. Yeah this storyline is absurd, thanks for asking.

Magnus talks about his match this Saturday against James Storm.

Kurt Angle pinned Ken Anderson in the Bound for Glory Series

Good stuff right here between these two men who have some great matches. Anderson survives the Ankle Lock and Mic Check. Angle comes back from underneath with the Angle Slam for the pin. Seven points for Angle in the Bound for Glory Series. Angle is firmly in third place, behind James Storm and Samoa Joe.

Hulk Hogan offers Bobby Roode his return match at Hardcore Justice, but Roode wants it next week. Hogan suggests that Roode challenges on open fight night but it will be non title.

Sting is out to call out the masked men. Hogan is to come out but he's down and out and bloodied, beaten up by the mysterious masked men. Sting tries to make the save, but he's beaten as well, as Brooke watches in absolute horror. The show ends on this note.

Solid Impact Wrestling tonight, they're on a roll.  

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