Impact Wrestling 05/24/12

TNA Impact Wrestling for May 24th 2012, features Bobby Roode preparing to break the record for the TNA Championship but before he does that, he has to defend the title against an opponent of Hulk Hogan's choosing. It is Open Fight Night. It is time to watch this episode of Impact Wrestling, for May 24th 2012.

Impact Wrestling 5/24/12

Impact Wrestling Results 5/24/12

Bully Ray has been struck down from title contention.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Champions ODB and Eric Young in a non title match.

Rob Van Dam defeated Gunner

TNA Television Champion Devon battled Robbie E to

a no contest when Robbie E and Robbie T interfered.

Hulk Hogan eliminates Jeff Hardy from the competition.

Bully Ray beat up Joseph Park

Austin Aries defeated Joey Ryan in the Gutcheck Match.

Hulk Hogan picks AJ Styles to face Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode successfully retained the TNA Championship against AJ Styles

Sting crashes Roode's celebration to beat him up.

Impact Wrestling Review 5/24/12

Hulk Hogan calls out the title contenders to face Bobby Roode later tonight, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle. All men have their points but Hogan eliminates Bully Ray. In other words, the most interesting one gets eliminated first. Go figure. Segment served its purpose.

Gail Kim built the Knockout's Division. Well partially. But she has a problem with ODB and Eric Young, as it has caused a rare loss since she returned. It will be Madison Rayne and Gail Kim against ODB and Eric Young, because it's Open Fight Night, baby!

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim defeated ODB and Eric Young

Knockout's Tag Team Titles are on the line, but its sadly obvious that the ODB and Eric Young happy hour is reaching its final legs. Decent match, with Gail Kim managing to roll up ODB for the pin. Not as bad as you would expect, unless you expected something classic then it was likely worse than you would expect.

Rob Van Dam calls out Gunner, to avenge his injuries of the past. Sweet merciful crap, continuity.

Rob Van Dam defeated Gunner

Three minute special with Rob Van Dam avenging his loss to Gunner. And back down the midcard rabbit hole goes Gunner with the Five Frog Splash.

Devon is a fighting champion so he gives Garrett Bischoff a shot at the Television Title. Because I think I might have died and went to hell, that's why.

ROH Television Champion Devon battled Garrett Bischoff to a no contest

Robbie E and Robbie T interfere, thus putting them in my good graces for a moment until I realize this is setting up a tag team match. Devon and Garrett knock the Robbies together.

Hulk Hogan is now going to compare Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle, allowing each many to sell themselves. Hogan eliminates Hardy from the competition, so we're

down to Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

Bully Ray cuts a promo, he is in a bad mood because of not getting a title shot. We have Joseph Park in the ring. Park talks about how he represented a lot of people over the years, with various degrees of guilt. The fans think Bully Ray is guilty, so Bully Ray responds by beating the ever living snot out of Joseph Park with the chain. Good segment right here.

A look at Joey Ryan. Yay buddy!

Austin Aries defeated Joey Ryan

Gutcheck match and a pretty good one. Ryan might be a solid fit in the X-Division and given that pretty much every competitor in that division in the revival other than the champion Aries has bombed in various degrees(or got injured in the case of Jesse Sorenson), we need some new talent. Aries hits the Brain Buster on Ryan for the pin.

Hulk Hogan chooses AJ Styles, a man that failed twice over Bobby Roode, over Kurt Angle, the man who beat Bobby Roode in the main event at Bound for Glory 2011. Well this is Impact.

TNA Champion Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles

My problems with the logic of the pick aside, a pretty good title match, as both of these competitors really showed some total non stop action, if you pardon the pun. False finishes galore at the end but Roode pulls out a fisherman suplex to score the pin.

Bobby Roode is out to celebrate breaking the record. Here comes Hulk Hogan to congratulate Roode, but he has another guest to show up. Here's Sting! Sting trashes the party and beats up Bobby Roode. Sting against Roode in a Lumberjack Match next week. Fun ending for this show.

Next week Impact Wrestling is live, at least for the foreseeable future and one hour earlier. Hopefully things will go smoothly. Or it will be a fun trainwreck at the very least.

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