Impact Wrestling 05/23/13

mpact Wrestling for May 23rd 2013 featured Velvet Sky defending her Knockout’s Championship in the main event against Mickie James. Let’s run down the results and recap Impact Wrestling for May 23rd 2013.

Impact Wrestling 5/23/13 Results.

Hulk Hogan is out to talk about various things tonight. Bully Ray is out to talk, he has a match with Sting at Slammivesary. He also plays some mind games, trying to get in the head of everyone, saying that he blames Brooke for what happened and that he’ll always love her, never taking his wedding ring off. Brooke tried to resign as the

head of the Knockout’s Division during this segment but she was shut down.

Suicide makes his return as expected, defeating Joey Ryan and Petey Williams in a contenders match. He will be joining Chris Sabin and Kenny King in the X-Division Title Match at Slammiversary.

Sam Shaw advances forward in the Gutcheck Tournament via forfeit over Alex Silva due to the Aces and 8s interference. Then Shaw gets beaten down because yay.

Magnus got the win over Wes Brisco via disqualification when Aces and 8s in the form of DOC and Garrett Bischoff interfered. This was one of those matches that was what it was, there’s nothing more that can be said other than that. Samoa Joe returns from the depths and saves Magnus.

Mr. Anderson scored the win over Kurt Angle with a roll up

after AJ Styles interfered. I’ll be honest, if you’ve seen one Anderson against Angle match, you’ve seen them all. This was not too bad but it was not too good either. AJ Styles distracted allowing Anderson to pick up the win.

James Storm is going to pick his partner for Slammiversary. Shark Boy comes out during this. Then Gunner is the partner. Okay, whatever.

Sting and Joseph Park will team up next week to take on Team 3D.

Mickie James captured the Knockout’s Championship over Velvet Sky. This was a pretty good match, and Mickie made a heel turn. She takes down Velvet with a huge DDT.

The main event interview featured AJ Styles and Bully Ray. AJ takes out Kurt Angle, teasing that he’ll join Aces and 8s but then turns on them, attacking them. So AJ stands with no one. That was a pretty good twist.

So Impact was fine this week.


Impact Wrestling for May 24th 2013 airing on Spike TV.

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