Impact Wrestling 05/09/13

Impact Wrestling for May 9th 2013 featured a six man tag team match with Devon, Bully Ray, and Mr. Anderson against Kurt Angle, Sting, and a partner of their choosing. Who will it be? Find out when I run down all of the results and recap Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling 5/9/13 Results and Review.

Sting and Kurt Angle are out, ready for the match against the Aces and 8s. They call out AJ Styles but he doesn’t answer because AJ Styles does not do ultimatums. Aces and 8s run out to do the beatdown.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James picked up the

win over Tara and Gail Kim. After the fact, Gail Kim attacks Tara and puts her in a ringpost figure four until the referee ODB pulls her off.

Bad Influence stirs the pot by reminding James Storm of his past with Bobby Roode.

Bully Ray offers a warning to the rest of the TNA Lockeroom about teaming with Sting and Kurt Angle, saying that it won’t be AJ. D’Lo Brown is on the bubble after what happened last week and he better watch DOC taking on Magnus tonight.

Magnus got the win over DOC in a pretty good match all things considered, with DOC being rolled up for the pin. I enjoyed this one.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are

trying to get on the good side of James Storm but no one buys it. Some classic heeling from Aries and Roode.

Now the match we’ve all been waiting for, with Bad Influence taking on Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in a good match that ends with James Storm attacking people and the match was thrown out. This was a fairly entertaining battle all things considered.

Chris Sabin is back and next week he’ll be fighting Kenny King for the X-Division Championship in a Triple Threat Match alongside Petey Williams. Hail Sabin indeed.

Abyss returned to defeat Kurt Angle and Sting in a six man tag team match against Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and Devon when he hit the Black Hole Slam on Devon for the pin. I just really hope that this does not mean the end for Joseph Park.

Impact was a fairly solid outing this week.


Impact Wrestling 5/9/13 Airing on Spike TV.

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