How To Write Character Dialogue

When writing fiction, one of the hardest parts may be writing dialogue. Writing dialogue is a skill that gives authors fits. There are many instances where bad dialogue can really derail an otherwise good plot. Many authors write and re-write scenes several times, just getting that right flow and voice for their characters. How to writers script out convincing dialogue?

Dialogue is much easier to write when someone is writing not for profit or fan fiction. Also, the same principle would apply for writers of comic book companies, who have source material they can study. Writers have past material to work

with. They can watch DVDs, and get the proper voices. They can study what the character is saying and make conclusions of how they might interact in certain situations. So, it is just a matter of doing homework or research, to familiarize yourself with the characters to be written.

Dealing with new characters for original fiction can be a challenge for writers. It is all about experimenting with your characters. A scribe must not be afraid to put their characters into new situations. Before even beginning a cohesive rough draft, write some characters. Think about the type of characterizations they should be given. Are they the comic relief? Are they the serious characters that never crack

a smile? Or at they more balanced characters, that know when its time to be funny and time when to crack down, to shut up? Those are questions that should be considered.

Obviously, developing voices for your character is important. When establishing characters, you should only throw a limited number in a scene at first, until they had been well established. That way, both the person writing and the people reading may get a picture of what the characters are doing. Do not be afraid to bring characters out of focus or to limit their lines. Some characters work best by saying very little after all. The old phrase actions speak louder than words is true, even if written literature.

So, how does one write dialogue? It’s all about finding the voices for your characters, seeing how they would react in the scene, and how they would react to the other characters. Once the voices have been found, then other elements can be worked on. Like for example, the dynamic between certain characters, whether they be friends, enemies, or just indifferent. The final trick is to write enough where the readers understand, but also leave some words up to interpretation.

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