How To Safely Change A Light Bulb

Often times light bulbs in our homes can blow without warning. Some light bulbs are more durable, but there are others that really sometimes break down without any warning. Therefore you will need to change that light bulb as especially if it is a key room in the house. Yet there is a fine line between changing the light bulb and changing it safely. People have injured themselves severely in their attempts to change the light bulb. To do it right without any chance of injury, it is really a two person operation. Here is your step by step guide

on how to change a light bulb safely.

How to Safely Change a Lightbulb

1) Make sure the light switch in the room is switched off. Your light bulb might not work, but there is still power.

2) To change a light, you must have light from another room adjacent from where you are or from the second person holding a flashlight.

3) A stepladder is the best tool to stand on to reach the light bulb. A kitchen

chair is doable but potentially dangerous and only should be used as a last case resort. Have the second person steady whatever you are climbing regardless of what it might be.

4) Unscrew the light cover or fixture carefully. Hold it steady, do not drop it. Hand it over to your assistant. Hand any screws over as well.

5) Unscrew the old light bulb carefully. Do not drop it. Hand it to your assistant.

6) Take the brand new light bulb and carefully screw it in.

7) Take the light fixture and carefully screw it back on.

8) Climb down from the stepping device that you used to climb up. Your assistant is not to back away from steadying it until both feet are firmly on the ground.

9) Flip the switch.

10) Let there be light!

That is how you safely change a light bulb!

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