How To Get A Photo Id

As identity theft becomes a larger problem in the United States in addition to other countries around the world, people will need to verify who they are before they make certain purchases. You may find yourself with the need to present one or more form of identification at times. The most common form of this would be someone asking for your Photo ID, which can be most usually can be a driver's license.

Naturally however, you can have a Photo ID even if you fail to pass your the qualifications to acquire a driver's license for the time being. It is

extremely important to have such identification for those who are unable to drive for whatever reason that are over the age of eighteen in the United States.

How Does One Acquire A Photo ID?

The process of acquiring a Photo ID is not too much unlike the process one undergoes to get their driver's license. The only difference is that there is no written or driving test obviously to get a standard Photo ID, which can be acquired at the same local DMV that you will get your driver's license in most cases.

You will need forms of identification however. Most places require at least two different forms of identification, although some states may require more by law. Laws change so

it is prudent to look into what the qualifications may be.

Some examples of acceptable forms of identification to get a Photo ID(or Driver's License as well), would be a certified copy of your birth certificate, a social security card, a bank statement, any kind of bill you have on hand, credit or debit card, military service records, passport, canceled checks, among others. Consult your your local DMV or a copy of your states Rules of the Road handbook for more.

After you have been verified, all you need to do is sign your name and take your picture. Then you have a Photo ID, which is valid for longer than a driver's license, for up to five years, depending on the state you live in.

Those who have medical conditions that cause them to be unable to drive, those who are unable to qualify for a driver's license, or those who choose not to drive for whatever reason are recommended to acquire a standard Photo ID, for identification purposes.

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