How To Detect And Deal With Rudeness

When dealing with people, we try and be polite to maintain the peace and the tranquility. Well at least most of us do. Still there are times where a positive attitude and a kind demeanor can make things move a lot more smoothly. It reflects an example others can follow and makes the conversation move a lot smoother. In the end, it does pay to be polite. However, there are sometimes where despite our best intentions, we come off as anything but polite.

Sadly, rude people exist and sometimes we get caught in a bad mood. So how does one avoid

being rude and how does one deal with rudeness from others?

There are times where it is transparent how a person is struggling against their absolute base instinct. Many individuals don't really mean to be rude, it is just that is the way that they come off. Therefore, that is what they are going to reflect one hundred and twenty percent of the time. Everything they say, no matter how casual, reeks of a certain condescending tone.

It is unwise to descend to their level. Try and be the better person and really say what needs

to be said. There are times where a rude person will try and get another person to react by being slightly harsh. Therefore they will come across as the far better individual most of the time.

Then there are other instances where someone is rude and may not be doing it in a deliberate manner. They got caught at a bad time for a perfectly innocent inquiry. It is not the fault of the person, it is just a matter of some rather poor timing. Hopefully you are not being accidentally rude with the wrong person, like a boss.

Just do try and apologize for your shortness, and given a moment to compose yourself if you catch yourself being rude.

A little politeness does go a long way in the end. A peaceful atmosphere is a good way, in the work place, in the classroom, or even at home. There are going to enough conflicts presented. Many of them can be avoided by taking a step back, keeping your tongue in check, and not being rude.  

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