How To Best Make Goals In Life

Everyone has something that they want to accomplish in life. Goals which give them some kind of structure and purpose. There are times where the goals are something that are extremely simple that may be achieved in a matter of weeks. Then there are goals that are of more of the long term variety. Plans taking years to unfold and accomplish, with many struggles along the way.

As many have realized when setting goals that they want to accomplish, a lot can change in a short amount of time. Therefore, there are certain steps one must take when they start making

the goals they have in mind.

How to Best Make Goals

Long term and short term, there are two ways to make goals. And really, there is no completely wrong answer. Looking at things too short of term while not looking ahead will trip you up. While also focusing on the long term can blind a person to what is happening now. Therefore they could get derailed by something.

Goals come in all durations. Some of them are more short term, others are very long time, and some you cannot put a duration on, as they depend on many variables you will counter along the way. Instances exist where you have to have a long term idea in mind.

A question many potential employers ask right in a job

interview is where do you see yourself in five years or ten years? This question does tend to trip up people who do not have the most general idea of where they are headed.

Granted one does not need to have an absolutely crystal clear idea, but one should have a general assumption. In many times, the short term goals feed right into a longer term aim. Which really is the best way to make goals in essence.

A longer time line with a general destination in the future, with smaller goals or check points really will tell the story. You are focusing on both the long and the short term. Therefore your aims will not be thrown off. You have a direction that will last for a long time but you have your eyes on more recent interests.

A balanced perspective between long and short term goals are the best way to go about your plans. Your strategy should remain flexible enough to make changes as certain events happen in your life. Yet, there should be a structure maintained where an idea is formulated of where the end game is. 

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