Hawkeye Issue 4

The next issue in the really big comic book box of doom is Hawkeye Volume 1 Issue 4. The villain known as Crossfire manages his plot against the heroes, by pitting Hawkeye and Mockingbird against each other in a devious duel to the death. This may be the fate for all super heroes if Crossfire has his way.

Hawkeye Issue 4 Review

Hawkeye Volume 1 Issue 4 was released by Marvel Comics with a cover date of December 1983 with the title of "To Death Do Us Part". Hawkeye Volume 1 Issue 4 was written and pencilled by Mark Gruenwald, also penciled

by Elliot Brown, inked by Danny Bulandi, Ian Akin, and Brian Garvey, Colored by Bob Sharen and inked by Joe Rosen.

Reading right through the two other parts I had of this Hawkeye mini-series I rather just tended to really find a lot of rather enjoyable. So does the conclusion really live up to the previous bits in this issue and lead us right through a dramatic?

In a word, yes, and in another word indeed. Granted other than a few instances of some cringeworthy dialogue that can be hand waved as a product of its time, so I really don't have as

much of a problem with it.

Crossfire has a rather practical plan it rather turns out. To use his sonic technology to make heroes fight with each other. Obviously Mockingbird and Hawkeye are going to be the first two right on the docks to be doing battle, and it is quite the nerve racking sign, before they finally come to their senses. After some false starts, they manage to foil the plans and Crossfire is put right down for the count.

We end with an epilogue of Hawkeye and Mockingbird in their civilian identities, now married after this set of issues.

So in the end, this mini series was one that really did go by in a way, but really had a lot of action and drama. It was a well written set of issues(the three I read, but I'm sure the first one was just as well put together). Thumbs way up for the Hawkeye mini-series put out my Marvel.




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