Gun Scare At Virginia Tech

Today, a gun scare occurred in the area of Virginia Tech, that caused some grisly memories to be stirred of an event of years past.

In 2007, Virginia Tech was the location for a grisly massacre. Thirty two people were killed, along with a further twenty five wounded in senseless display of gun violence. Many were effected by the killings, it was a national news story, as many who were around during that time period, would not forget the grisly events of April 16th 2007. The gunman, Seung-Hui Cho killed and wounded those individuals, before promptly committing suicide in the the

Virginia Tech Massacre.

Any event that would have such tragic implications and guns around the area of the campus would cause any individual to be a little jumpy. Hence the events of August 4th 2011, where an individual with a gun was spotted in the vicinity of Virginia Tech in Blackburg, Virginia. Slightly after 9:38 AM Eastern Standard Time this event occurred and people rightfully took steps to ensure that the students and teachers were properly out of the line of fire, before there is an investigation.

At the moment, the alarm appears to have been a false one but security is an element that is king

when the lives of people are on the line. The events of April 16th 2007 could just as easily have occurring once again had the proper steps not have been taken to secure the entire university. Dealing with a threat of a gun is extremely serious business and every second is vital. A great deal of damage can occur in a short amount of time and time is not something that is on the side of people.

Those at Virginia Tech who put the school on lock-down should be commended on their smart move. Even if there was no threat, it is better safe than sorry. The Virginia Tech Massacre of April 16th 2007 showed that something like this could occur in a heartbeat. If it happened before it could in fact happen again. Virginia Tech is still on lock-down as of 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time and teachers and students will remain put until there is certainty that there is no danger.

Thankfully police reports have stated that no shots have been fired and there are no casualities in the area. It is uncertain at this time how much putting the school on lock-down saved everyone. 

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