Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 161 February 1983 Review

It is now time to dip into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom, for Green Lantern Vol 2 Issue 161 They’re Here The Omega Men and They Shall Crush the Headsman from February 1983.

Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 161 February 1983 Review

Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 161 from February 1983 was written by Mike W.Barr, with Keith Pollard as the Penciller, Pablo Marcos on ink, Ben Oda as the Letterer, Anthony Tollin as the Colorist, and Ernie Colon as the Editor.

Another solid issue, this time with Green Lantern, Hal Jordan version as was the order of the day and

it was rather an enjoyable issue. It really does show the heroism of Hal Jordan, even if I appear to have been thrown right into the middle of another story arc, but from what I could find about this through my limited research, this particular run of Green Lantern was one that was rather high regarded.

And while it won’t be the top of the line of the issues that I read, it was rather one that was extremely rather enjoyable and a rather entertaining read. It underlined the heroism of one Hal Jordan, who was at a disadvantage because his power

ring had run out of power. Which is never a good thing but despite it all, he manages to adapt right through this issue. The Guardians manage to actually be an asset and not the nuisance that they are.

The summary of the next issue after this one looks even more interesting than this one. Still Green Lantern is one of my favorite comic books, as even when I have no idea what in the hell is happening, it still is rather enjoyable.

Advertisements of not are Bubble Yum and Lifesavers. It is rather interesting to see how these comic book advertisements vary. Still the issue itself was rather good and I have a fair chunk of Green Lantern in the box, so there will be more reviews of him to come. This was an enjoyable issue but not one that I would recommend going out of my way to pick up.

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