Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 156 Review

It is time to dip into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ and pull out another issue, once again another Green Lantern, with Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 156, entitled “Judas World” In this comic book, Hal Jordan is taken right to an alternate world, that is a near carbon copy of Earth, but it is really an alien world where a war is being raged for all eternity.

Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 156 Review

Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 156 was entitled “Judas World”, released by DC Comics in September 1982, written by Mike W. Barr, with Gil

Kane on Pencils and Inks, Anthony Tollin on colors, Annette Kawecki on Letters, and Len Wein as the editor. In this Green Lantern issue, the Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan comes across a planet very similar our own, but it is a front for an alien war.

War is sadly a fact of life. But this comic book underlines the true fact of war and the ultimate ugly truth. There have been wars that have been going on, hatred between two different races, cultures, groups of people for so long, that those who fight on this day, have long since forgotten the cause of their fight. They don’t remember it, all they know is a hatred for another group of people.

However, that hatred just exists because it just does. There is no emotion is. It is just an accepted fact, much like the color of the sky. Wars or at least tension between two groups

go on so long, being passed down from generation to generation, and it is hard to see the defining factor. Any blood spilled in war would be senseless to begin with, but it is even more senseless when no one understands what they are fighting for.

In the end, the war is not the hard part. Maintaining the peace is the hard part, as Hal Jordan mentioned during the end of this issue. Isn’t that the hard truth? I thought that this issue was another one of those thought provoking tales, we seem to be going through that entire moral message thing. But it’s not beaten right into the ground right yet. At least that is the message that I got out of that.

Overall another interesting read. Of course if you just want a light read and don’t want comic books that make you think, then this one might not be for you. I can go other way. The fun light harded stuff or the thought provoking things that make you, well think. Given that all of the Green Lantern I’ve read lately, it is just a lot of interesting issues from many ends of the spectrum.

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