Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 123 Review

It is now time dip into the Big Box of Comic Books of Doom™ for a Random Comic Book Review of Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 123 Mission of No Return from December of 1979. The real mastermind between Guy Gardner’s condition is revealed by be an old enemy of Hal Jordan, Sinestro.

Green Lantern Volume 2 Issue 123 Review

This issue of Green Lantern was entitled “The Mission of No Return” published in December 1979 by DC Comics and was written by Denny O’Neil, penciled by Joe Staton, inked by Dick Giodano, Adrienne Roy on colors, Milt Snappin as the letterer,

and Jack C. Harris. In this issue, which is a continuation for Issue 122, with Superman and Hal Jordan fighting General Zod and his fellow Phantom Zone villians, in the Phantom Zone, using Anti-Kryptonite do weaken them but it appears that the old enemy of the Green Lanterns, Sinestro is behind this, via a yellow beam of light.

Sinestro during this time, was still very much not that much of a deep villain. He would become more three dimensional much later on but given that this was a different

time, Pre-Crisis, where comic book villainy was a bit more simplistic. Of course he was still more complex than very early Sinestro but obviously not as deep as he was going to come. Hal Jordan fights Sinestro, over Guy Gardner and Hal manages to beat Sinestro, outsmarting him and defeating him on Gward.

Of course all victories rather come at a price. Sinestro has gotten away, to fight another day even if Hal Jordan is going to really just keep up the fight with him. And Guy Gardner has suffered horrific brain damage. Something that would leave him in a catatonic state leading up to the Crisis on Infinite Earths Events for DC Comics and obviously would have other ramifications.

This was a rather enjoyable two part story(122 and 123) and another home run for the Green Lantern.

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