Green Lantern Episode 13 Homecoming

Episode 13 of Green Lantern the Animated Series was entitled Homecoming and was the Season 1 Finale. In this episode, Atrocotis leads his Red Lanterns for the final revenge on the Guardians for the incident with the Manhunters that lead to the Forgotten Zone. Where there is light, there is hope. Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 13 Homecoming was first aired on Cartoon Network on May 26th 2012.

Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 13 Homecoming Review

As always there will be spoilers, so be warned.

Episode Summary

As the Red Lanterns, are coming, Hal Jordan has a daring plan to make it

to OA, as he leaves with Razer, as Kilowog tries to hold the flank. The Red Lanterns make it to OA, with the Guardians at their mercy, which there is done. As the defenses slowly erode, it appears that all hope is lost.

Hal Jordan finds his way to Earth but has no memory of his time as the Green Lantern. As Carol Ferris does what she can to restore his memory, he took the trip to Zamora, to enlist the help of the Star Sapphires, using the love that he had for Carol to transport him there, at the risk of scrambling his brain slightly.

As Kilowog appears to be losing badly, Saint Walker, the first Blue Lantern shows up, and with him, is Mogo the Living Planet. The battle between the three warriors take place against the entire Red Lantern fleet, as Razer saves Aya in time for getting her higher functions erased to be a more useful puppet.

Just as the Guardians are about to be exterminated, Hal Jordan shows up, trying to reason with Atrocitus, but there is no reasoning to be had. Hal Jordan

manages to win, with the sheer will power. With Atrocitus defeated, hopefully the healing for the Forgotten Zone could begin.

Episode Review

This is the season 1 finale and I'll be honest, the first season had some moments and it was up and down. There is another thirteen episode season that has been ordered. After that where we go from there and if this cartoon lasts past then, only time will tell.

However this episode had a lot of suspense and action, just the right out. It wrapped up all of the subplots for this season, about as well it can be, as where as the Red Lanterns are concerned. Obviously there have been some plot threads set up for the second season.

Overall after this season, it did seem like we were just really treading water for a lot of it, but it did turn around with these last couple of episodes. Let's hope that the second season and any future seasons of Green Lantern will be great. This was a pretty solid season finale.

Final Rating

8/10 rating, for this season finale. New episodes of Green Lantern the Animated Series will be airing soon. You can watch Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 13 Homecoming if you have Cartoon Network on Demand or on Sunday May 27th 2012 if you missed it.

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