Green Lantern Episode 10 Regime Change

Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 10 was titled Regime Change. In this episode, the brother of Queen Iolande, Ragnar, is engaged about not getting the Green Lantern Ring, thus is the perfect candidate for the Red Lanterns. Our crew has to save the day Meanwhile the Guardians are at odds as well with out to deal with the Red Lantern Threat and dealing with their greatest shame, the Manhunters and acknowledging their responsibility within it. Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 10 Regime Change first aired as part of the DC Nation on Cartoon Network on May 5th 2012.


Lantern the Animated Series Episode 10 Regime Change

There will be spoilers for Green Lantern the Animated Series Episode 10, so if you don't want to be spoiled, then exit stage back button.

Episode Summary

Ragnar is still stewing based off of his rage, thus a Red Lantern ring finds him. As a result of his new found powers and Red Lantern chums, Ragnar, imprisons his sister, Queen Iolande, leading to Hal Jordan, Killowog, Aya, and Razer needing to save the day.

Meanwhile, the Guardians have decided the best course of action is shielding the Green Lantern Corps from the truth and sending the Green Lanterns to deal with the Red Lantern menace. The truth comes out, as Ganthet reveals the twisted history of the Manhunters and wants to help Hal Jordan and the rest, but he is exiled. With the help of the other sympathetic Guardian, Sayd, Ganthet sends a prototype weapon.

The mysterious blue light, allows our Green Lantern Team to defeat the Red Lanterns, because the bright blue light of hope causes their rings to be not functional(including Razer), and stop the Lanterns from blowing up the planet of Betrassus. The day is saved. Ganthet goes his own way, as the Blue Lantern does as well.

This episode ends with a dedication

to the late Ian Ambercombie, who played the role of Ganthet in this series.

Episode Review

A great episode, one of the best, because it did not fall into the formula that this show has gone right into throughout the past. I rather enjoyed a lot of this episode, a lot of for what it was, it was rather action fact.

The Guardians of the Universe, with a couple of notable exceptions, deserve pretty much everything the get if the Red Lanterns slaughter them. Then again, they are politicians right to the end and politicians are going to stick their heads right into the sand and just ignore their past mistakes. The Manhunters were one of their greatest shames.

In the end, we really should have expected that Ragnar would have gotten a Red Lantern ring.

The Blue Lantern, the symbol of hope, made its debut, and obviously with the debut of Saint Walker a few episodes ago, all of the pieces are being put into place there. Should be interesting to see how those pieces fall.

Final Thoughts and Rating

A good episode, one of the better ones of the Green Lantern Animated Series, 8.5/10. You can watch Green Lantern the Animated Series on Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on Cartoon Network if you missed it or Cartoon Network on Demand. And don't forget to watch another brand new episode of Green Lantern the Animated Series on Cartoon Network.

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