Fourth Of July Firework Safety Advice

July has arrived, which means half of the year has gone. Hard to believe that half of 2012 has passed right into the dust, with another half to go. In a few days, the celebration of the birth of this nation, Independence Day will occur on July 4th. Independence day is always a day to have fun, get together with friends, and just shoot the breeze and have some good food and maybe enjoy the fireworks. However, it can be a day that can end in disaster if you are not careful about what you do on this day.

The easiest

thing to do on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, whatever you call it, is to get together with people. Sometimes with those over the drinking age, a few drinks get flowing. Hey, it is a celebration, things like that happen. Then, obviously given that this is fourth of July, so its time to shoot off some fireworks. Technically illegal outside of licensed professionals in many states and indeed illegal to sell to your average person in some cases, but that's never stopped anyone for years and years.

The problems with fireworks is that many people tend to make dreadful mistakes that are completely trained professionals. Have some guy who really can barely light the fuse, due to having one too many drinks in them, and you're angling some kind of horrific disaster. Especially when you live in a residential area, where houses are rather close together.

There have been sadly a few cases of firework related

fatalities. Someone shooting off fireworks and either setting themselves or someone's house on fire due to it. It is safe to say when the drinks get flowing, brain cells might be sluggish. Drinking and shooting off fireworks is one of the things that are up there with driving that is not to be done with anyone having a few drinks.

Fireworks are best shot off in an open field area, away from any areas that get caught on fire. Or better yet, just go out and see the professionals shooting them off in your area. I can see the Fireworks from my window out by the river in the distance and that seems to be good enough for me. While there is some enjoyment in actually being more active, the professionals have accidents.

Also be sure to wet your garden if you have one down, so no errant fireworks from neighbors catch fire to your plants. Also be mindful of those around you and do not stay up shooting off fireworks and making noise. Since the fourth of July falls on a Wednesday this year, some people have to get up and go to work the next day.

Regardless, have a safe and happy Independence Day if you live in the United States or just have a nice day regardless. Be smart, be safe, and drive safely. 

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