Florida Championship Wrestling 9/25/11

The latest offering with WWE's minor leagues, featuring a tournament to crown a new FCW Champion after Bo Rotundo went down with a lacerated kidney, featuring Damien Sandow against Leakee and Big E. Langston against Husky Harris in tournament matches, leading to the big fatal four way match to crown a new champion.

Florida Championship Wrestling 9/25/11

A look at the FCW Champion Bo Rotundo is shown to kick off the show.

Out comes the co General Managers Maxine and Norman Smiley, for a huge announcement. We have good news and bad news. Bo Rotundo has been injured for several months but there

is going to be an eight man elimination tournament, where the winners of the first four matches will meet in a fatal four way match to determine a new champion over the next few weeks. The participants in this tournament are.

The FCW 15 Champion Seth Rollins

Leo Kruger

Big E. Langston


“Showtime” Percy Watson

Damien Sandow

Dean Ambrose

And Husky Harris!

One of these men will become the FCW Champion and we’re going to have our first match between Damien Sandow and Leakee right now!

Damien Sandow defeated Leakee to advance to the finals of the FCW Super Eight Tournament to crown a new FCW Championship.

Some fun power stuff from Leakee in this match and Sandow looked to be a pretty good heel. I rather thought this match was perfectly acceptable developmental fare. Sandow wins the M14, his version of a swinging neckbreaker to advance to the finals. Also we’re going to get Big E. Langston and Husky Harris in the main event in our second FCW Super Eight Tournament Match.

Abraham Washington is here being interviewed. Abraham Washington…where have I heard that name before? Abraham Washington…Abraham Washington…Abraham Washington….YOU! I remember you! I REMEMBER HATING YOU! You and your stupid talk show on ECW! I remember you! Although he wasn’t as annoying as he was in ECW, but still…Abraham Washington! YOU! YOU! YOU! Briley Pierce mistook James Brown for James Bond. Quite the segment here.

Caylee Turner is on commentary for the next match. For those who are unfamiliar, she’s Christina Crawford, the sister of Victoria Crawford, who is of course Alicia Fox. She was on Tough Enough. She’s on commentary for the FCW Diva’s Title Match between Audrey Marie and Aksana. Recently Aksana beat up Audrey Marie a couple of weeks ago.

Audrey Marie defeated Aksana to win the FCW Diva’s Title

The FCW Diva’s Title is light years better looking than that putrid thing that WWE has on their television for their women. I wonder if Aksana ever found out “what is camel”. Caylee Turner calls Aksana a “mean jellybean.” I pine for the Citizen Kane like performances of the Bella Twins. This match was long and wasn’t all that good. Audrey Marie rolls up Aksana for the pin. We have a new champion. There you go. Caylee Turner says she’s excited about the FCW Tournament with the same joy that

I have when I say I’m excited to see TNA.

The Ascension will rise. I don’t know. Hey, Conor O’ Brian.

Aksana is upset that she lost the belt and Husky Harris is not sympathetic to her claims. At least at first, but then tears are the most deadly weapon a woman would had and the two hug, with Aksana having a devious expression over the unsuspecting Husky’s shoulder.

Erick Rowan defeated Corey Graves

Rowan is a towering giant of a man with an epic beard. Graves tries some stick and move style offense, but the power of Erick Rowan is too demanding. The Greetings for Norse, his vicious of a choke slam, gets the win for Erick Rowan.

Coming up next, Big E. Langston against Husky Harris in a Qualifying Match in the Super 8 Elimination to determine the new FCW Champion.

Husky Harris defeated Big E. Langston to advance in the FCW Super Eight Tournament.


The injury Bo Rotundo suffered was a lacerated kidney. Two big burly brawlers throwing each other around. Big E. Langston is a beast, slamming and suplexing Husky Harris. Husky fights back and hits the Swine Intervention which his version of THE POUNCE..PERIOD! To score the pin. Husky Harris joins Damien Sandow as half of the field of the FCW Super Eight Tournament have been decided, the Fatal Four Way to crown a new champion in two weeks.

Why You Should Watch Florida Championship Wrestling 9/25/11


Not as good as last week’s match(then again that was to be expected), but Husky Harris vs. Big E. Langston was a pretty good power man match.

Florida Championship Wrestling Results 9/25/11

Damien Sandow defeated Leakee to advance in the FCW Super Eight Tournament.

Audrey Marie defeated Aksana to win the FCW Diva’s Title.

Erick Rowan defeated Corey Graves.

Husky Harris defeated Big E. Langston to advance in the FCW Super Eight Tournament.

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