Florida Championship Wrestling 3/4/12

It is time for your Florida Championship Wrestling Recap for March 4th 2012. In the main event tonight, the Florida Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when the champion Leo Kruger defends against Mike Dalton. Letís get down to reviewing all of the highlights of Florida Championship Wrestling 3/4/12.

Florida Championship Wrestling 3/4/12

Recap of the recent Leo Kruger vs. Mike Dalton match featuring the Road Dogg interfering. Chris Russo, Bryon Saxton, and William Regal are your announcers, and talking about the events of tonight. Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris defeated Antonio Cesaro and Alexander Rusev to retain the Florida Tag
Team Titles.
Rusev is back from a recent injury. A fairly good tag team title match to kick things off this week on Florida Championship Wrestling, with Bo Rotundo being beaten down by the heels until Husky Harris runs in and runs wild. Rusev eats a spear from Bo Rotundo and Husky pins him for their first title defense. Out comes Dean Ambrose for some words. He is every bit as good as people say he is and more. Ambrose canít stand being ignored, he is going to yell and scream about another match with William Regal, who he knows canít beat him again, as Ambrose claims he knows every trick in Regalís book and Ambrose says heíll be better than Regal ever was. Regal just sits at the announcers table, stoic. Seth Rollins is out to talk, which isnít his strong point. He says that he didnít want to be anyone else and wanted to fit into any mold. Rollins thanks the fans for accepting him for him and no matter what, he does, the fans will always have a special place in his heart. Seth Rollins defeated Brad Maddox Summer Rae and Mr. Rob Naylor are out with Brad Maddox during this match and the match had its moments of both greatness and awkwardness. Maddox gains the advantage, but Rollins fights back. Summer Rae tries to get involved, but the mysterious dark haired woman who has been in blink and you miss them segments with Seth Rollins pushes Summer down. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for the pin. Summer Rae is not too happy. Kenneth Cameron defeated Jiro The seizure inducing light show brings us the Ascension, Kenneth Cameron. Remember how we had all of those promos for the Ascension crammed down our throat eight times a show for months, when it was a group? Those were the days. A showcase for Cameron who wins with a Fisherman Buster. Then Bryon Saxton leaves the commentary

table and knocks out Kenneth Cameron with a roll of quarters. HIS ARM IS HEALED! Itís a miracle! And he returns from the commentary booth, putting his sling right back out. We are back as a recap of what we just saw. Saxton tries to claim that his shoulder is sixty five percent and he is healing and we have no idea what things are about. Raquel Diaz retained the FCW Divaís Title over Sofia Cortez and Audrey Marie Talk about a slow motion match that went on forever. Including one spot where Cortez and Diaze stood on either side of Audrey Marie as she hit chops on them in turn. Audrey Marie hits a version of the Catatonic, shades of Braden Walker, at least thatís what I assumed it was, but Diaz rolls up Audrey who kicks out, right onto Cortez for the pin. Okay that was kind of a clever finish. Raquel Diaz is still the FCW Divaís Champion. Maxine and Abraham Washington are talking about how the FCW ratings have been skyrocketing and Norman Smiley pops up, as Steve Keirn wants to see Maxine right now. Abraham Washington makes himself at home in Maxineís chair after she leaves. Mike Dalton defeated Leo Kruger to win the Florida Championship Kruger is more aggressive this week, but Dalton frustrates him. Kruger exposes the turnbuckle pad, which costs him, when Dalton sets him throat first into the exposed buckle for a nearfall. Kruger tries to bail but the Road Dogg comes from the back and rolls Kruger into the ring again, with Dalton rolling up Kruger for the pin to win the Florida Heavyweight Championship. Road Dogg comes out to celebrate with Mike Dalton our new Florida Champion. Road Dogg announces Dalton as the new Florida Heavyweight Champion of the World as only he can. So Long from the Sunshine State. Why You Should Watch Florida Championship Wrestling 3/4/12 No stand out matches but a solid show. Florida Championship Wrestling 3/4/12 Results Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris retained the Florida Tag Team Titles over Alexander Rusev and Antonio Cesaro. Seth Rollins defeated Brad Maddox Kenneth Cameron defeated Jiro FCW Divaís Champion Raquel Diaz defeated Sofia Cortez and Audrey Marie. Mike Dalton won the Florida Heavyweight Title over Leo Kruger. Past Florida Championship Wrestling Reports http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/florida-championship-wrestling-reports.html

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