Florida Championship Wrestling 2/26/12

It is now time to review Florida Championship Wrestling for February 26th 2012 . In a return match, Richie Steamboat defends the FCW 15 Title against Damien Sandow. Now is the time to recap all the stars of WWE tomorrow today.

Florida Championship Wrestling 2/26/12

Corey Graves defeated CJ Parker

CJ Parker is returning after a couple of months on the shelf with a shoulder injury. He has a bit more aggression within him tonight as well but Corey Graves opens things up on Florida Championship Wrestling with a victory, with a reverse rolling ankle lock, tapping out CJ Parker. It is identified

as the Fuller Leglock, as used by the famous Fuller family in wrestling.

Backstage with Dr. Bronson and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has an obsession with being the best in the world and also an obsession with William Regal. Bronson asks for his thoughts and Ambrose says he has mastered Regal’s moves, knowing Regal better than Regal knows himself.

Seth Rollins defeated Rick Victor

It is the high flying of Seth Rollins against the technical brutality of Rick Victor and in the end, it makes a fairly entertaining match. Victor batters Rollins but misses a running uppercut and leaping curb stomp scores the win for Seth Rollins. Rollins picks up the victory on Florida Championship Wrestling.

Now James Bronson is on the table, with Dean Ambrose conducting the evaluation. Ambrose tells Bronson that he is wasting his time evaluating to the roster, saying that he can make everyone tap out in the ring. Bronson agrees, saying that he wants Dean to tap out and Ambrose scoffs at it. Ambrose leaves for his match.

Dean Ambrose defeated Sakamoto

Sakamoto was on fire during this match, giving Ambrose a few anxious moments. In the end, Ambrose applies the Regal Stretch once again to Sakamoto. Regal/Ambrose II is going to be glorious when it happens, if it happens. Ambrose stares down William Regal from the ring. Then in comes Summer Rae and Rob Naylor to face off with Ambrose, but this is getting intriguing. And confusing. Let’s not forget confusing.

Big E Langston defeated Jason Jordan

Jordan gave it a go but Big E. Langston took him down, with a sitting over the shoulder slasm to score the pin. There

you go.

Raquel Diaz is out for a few words. Twitter is full of praise and admiration for Raquel Diaz. That’s not a high honor give all of the Justin Bieber love on that place. Raquel wants her banner and she’s going to defend her title against two divas next week. She’ll be our queen and our champion still.

Damien Sandow is out, to talk about how he got robbed and…SILENCE assaulted last week, when Steamboat kicked him in the face. Ambrose vows to regain the FCW 15 Title and destroy the Steamboat dynasty.

Richie Steamboat battled Damien Sandow to a time limit draw, 0-0 in the FCW 15 Title Match, Steamboat retains the title

Sandow grabs a chair early, teasing getting himself disqualified, as the most falls in 15 minutes wins, so he wanted to soften up Steamboat. A slow start, but it really picked up in the last few minutes, with neither man getting a fall. Sandow got more and more frustrated with his inability to put Steamboat down and Steamboat superkicks Sandow right as the bell ring. Tie goes to the champion, at 0-0.Steamboat is still the champion but he’s not completely satisfied.

Next Week Mike Dalton vs. Leo Kruger for the Florida Championship. So long from the sunshine state.

Why You Should Watch Florida Championship Wrestling 2/26/12

Steamboat vs. Sandow was a rather good main event.

Florida Championship Wrestling 2/26/12

Corey Graves defeated CJ Parker

Seth Rollins defeated Rick Victor.

Dean Ambrose defeated Sakamoto

Big E. Langston defeated Jason Jordan

FCW 15 Champion Richie Steamboat battled Damien Sandow to a time limit draw.

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