Florida Championship Wrestling 07/08/12

The penultimate episode of Florida Championship Wrestling took place on July 8th 2012. This show featuring two big title matches. Seth Rollins defends the Florida Heavyweight Championship in a fatal four way match against Bo Dallas, Leo Kruger, and Kassius Ohno. Plus Richie Steamboat defends the FCW 15 Title Championship against Antonio Cesaro. Let's take a look at all of the events of Florida Championship Wrestling this week, as we watch the 7/8/12 show and look at the highlights.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/8/12

First the results of Florida Championship Wrestling for July 8th 2012.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/8/12 Results

Richie Steamboat retained the Jack

Brisco 15 Championship over Antonio Cesaro.

Bray Wyatt pinned Benacio Salazar.

Colin Cassady pinned Aiden English.

Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins retained the title over Bo Dallas, Leo Kruger, and Kassius Ohno when Rollins pins Kruger with the Black Out.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/8/12 Report

Chris Russo and Bryon Saxton are on commentary, hyping the two big title matches.

Richie Steamboat pinned Antonio Cesaro to retain the Jack Brisco 15 Championship

Sudden death overtime in the event of the tie and given this is the last Jack Brisco 15 Classic we'll be seeing, a good match but perhaps not the best match between Richie Steamboat and Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer right at the bell but it's for nothing. Sudden death and second Neutralizer is countered into a superkick. Richie Steamboat keeps the Jack Brisco 15 Championship. 4-0 against Cesaro for Steamboat on Florida Championship Wrestling.

Bray Wyatt defeated Benacio Salazar

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo, judgment day is coming and he's going to watch the world burn. I really hope that he's kept around as a manager on NXT. Wyatt gets another commanding performance, hitting his four moves of doom, the avalanche, followed by waltzing with his winded opponent, kissing his opponent on the forehead, and hitting the flatliner for the pin. Bray Wyatt picks up another win on Florida Championship Wrestling.

Raquel Diaz is out to promo.

Yeah, not feeling this one. She is a star, because she was bullied because she dressed funny. But she's the FCW Diva's Champion and the most innovative woman of WWE.

Colin Cassady pinned Aiden English with the East River Crossing

The debut of Cassady's new finishing move, a full nelson slam he calls the East River Crossing. English fights it off twice, but a third time, Cassady pulls it out for the pin.

Seth Rollins retained the Florida Championship over Kassius Ohno, Bo Dallas, and Leo Kruger in a Fatal Four Way Match.

An awesome main event, with lots of drama. A pretty cool spot occurs where everyone just beats up Leo Kruger because they can't stand him. Bo Dallas is carried to the back and out for a bit but returns. Spear to Rollins nearly wins Bo his third championship. Ohno is going after his first Florida Heavyweight Championship, K'O connects to Rollins. Kruger maneuvers Bo into a K'O in a great heel move but the flash pin off of a backslide does not get the win. K'O to Kruger but Rollins breaks it up. Some more action, until Rollins hits the Black Out for the pin to keep the championship.

Great main event match, and a good finish all things considered. Rollins celebrates, the man on the mountain right now.

Next week, William Regal against Dean Ambrose on Florida Championship Wrestling. So long from the sunshine state.


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