Florida Championship Wrestling 05/13/12

It is time to watch the future superstars of World Wrestling Entertaiment tomorrow, today, with Florida Championship Wrestling for May 13th 2012. On this episode of Florida Championship Wrestling, we will see Leo Kruger against Bo Rotundo and Antonio Cesaro faces Kassius Ohno in top contenders matches for the Florida Champion Seth Rollins. All this and more as we watch Florida Championship Wrestling 5/13/12 and I run down all of the results.

Florida Championship Wrestling 5/13/12 Review

Bryon Saxton and Chris Russo are commentating this show. No Regal.

Kassius Ohno defeated Antonio Cesaro via disqualification

Battle between two men who know each other rather

well in a different life. This match as it was, was a good match but it would have been a better match had it been in front of a crowd that wasn't half asleep. A nice story was told where Ohno appeared to be out of his league, with perhaps Cesaro not taking him seriously. Then Ohno fights back and Cesaro gets himself disqualified, by pulling the referee in the way of a rolling elbow smash.

Referees and wrestlers pull these two FCW Superstars apart, as the disqualification is rendered. This may be far from over but Ohno moves one step closer to another Florida Heavyweight Championship Shot down the line.

Bray Wyatt defeated Benacio Salazar

Bray Wyatt enlightens the FCW Universe, before he goes onto take the world's most generic luchadore on Florida Championship Wrestling. Wyatt continues to be weird but intriguing but I just know that this type of gimmick won't really be done justice in WWE. Avalanche right into the waltz, right into a kiss to the mask, right into the Flatliner gets the win. Bray Wyatt remains undefeated(under that gimmick anyway) in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Brad Maddox cuts a promo about Richie Steamboat and an upcoming title match for the FCW 15 Championship, promising a literal impression on Steamboat's face, as they are going to be revisiting the feud from last Summer. Maddox cuts a nice crazed promo, vowing to break Steamboat's legs and take the FCW 15 Title before he gets a banner and burns the company to the ground. Some heart ripping out is threatened. A pretty good promo all things considered.

Richie Steamboat defeated Rick Victor

Steamboat is coming off that epic thirty minute match with Cesaro last week and is going to defend the

FCW 15 Title against Brad Maddox next week. The FCW 15 Title is not on the line. Sofia Cortez and Paige are both out with Rick Victor and they play into the match towards the end. A nice bit of perfectly wonderful professional wrestling, with Steamboat coming back but Paige distracts Steamboat and Tiger Bomb.

But Steamboat kicks out of that one. Victor distracts the referee and Sofia Cortez hits a diving huracarana to Steamboat but Steamboat kicks out. Another Tiger bomb but Steamboat avoided that and superkicks Victor to score the pin. These two stepped it up in a pretty good match and the fans got into this one a little bit, which is so much the better for the dead FCW crowds.

After the match, Brad Maddox entered the ring and punks out Steamboat.

Summer Rae is standing by with A.W., and the Florida Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves, who will be defending the titles next week against the Ascension of Kenneth Cameron and Connor O' Brian. A.W. talks some trash, calling him the most influential man in WWE.

Bo Rotundo defeated Leo Kruger

The battle between the only two former two time Florida Heavyweight Champions and the match that is about nine months in the making from when Bo Rotundo was on the shelf when Leo Kruger injured him. As far as this match goes, this was perhaps the less of the three non-squash matches, but decent enough where it worked. Kruger has the sleeperhold but Bo fights out and spears Kruger for the pin.

Bo Rotundo will take on Kassius Ohno to determine the number one contender for the Florida Heavyweight Championship next week.

Another quality effort from the future superstars of WWE. Three good matches plus an entertaining squash. So long from the Sunshine State.

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