Five Worst Wwe Royal Rumbles

Much like with the good, we have to take the bad and the WWE Royal Rumble has had its share of clunkers over the years. Letís discuss the five worst WWE Royal Rumbles in history.

The Five Worst WWE Royal Rumbles in History.

1998 Not technically a bad match, but rather the markiest mark that ever did mark had an idea that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be winning. It did make sense. Stone Cold Steve Austin was high up the totem pole and everyone else was down on the lowest end of the totem pole. Therefore the 1998 Royal Rumble
featured just a predictable outcome. Plus the star power was so low that Mick Foley had to compete as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind. Austin eliminated the Rock at the end, but it would not mean as much as it would a couple years later. 1993 This Rumble had its moments, but it suffers from a lack of star power, what stars that there are being eliminated early, and Gorilla Monsoon calling Carlos Colon a young up and coming superstar. Bob Backlund beat the record that year and then really did nothing of note(other than a Wrestlemania IX match with Razor Ramon) until the crazy Mr. Backlund character. Randy Savage tried for the pin in the Royal Rumble. Yokozuna wins and would go onto Wrestlemania IX. 2009 Hit and miss Royal Rumble that set up perhaps the most underwhelming Wrestlemania Main Event in recent history between Randy Orton and Triple H. Triple
H threw out Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, before Orton threw him out. Santino beat the Warlordís record for shortest time in the ring. A rather weak Royal Rumble. However while those Royal Rumbles were weak for various reasons, these two sucked on ice. 1999 Obviously the action in the Royal Rumble was secondary to the Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin storyline. Which could work but it just fell flat. Given that the Final Four also featured DíLo Brown and the Big Boss Man, two men who were not going to Wrestlemania for certain. Vince McMahon eliminates Austin for the win. The only reason this did not get number one on the list is because of the Rocky Style training that Vince McMahon did before the Royal Rumble. 1995 1995 Royal Rumble, what can I say? It was the quickest Royal Rumble match ever. They had to dig really deep into the roster to find thirty guys. Shawn Michaels won in under forty minutes after being number one, but thatís just another day at the office for Shawn Michaels. The short time in between entrants covered up the fact that WWE had to dig deep, and I do mean deep for entrants. The 2012 Royal Rumble is at hand. Will it be among the greatest or the worst or somewhere in the middle? Weíre going to have to wait and see.

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