Five Things People Commonly Hoard

Hoarding is the act of keeping items and not throwing them out. Often times to the point of absolute and total absurdity. There are times where people can accumulate items for years. Alternatively, hoarders can also be deemed to be pack rats, where they are just keeping everything in their home, without throwing all of it out. Hoarding can be anything from a mild quirk to a rather serious mental condition, depending on the nature and the scope of what is being hoarded.

Common things people hoard


Parting is difficult to do in many kinds, but for reasons of space, health,

and indeed sanity, there are perhaps things that we do need to throw out from time to time. What do people hoard? Well as it turns out many things, but here are five common items that pop up as people hoard.

Old magazines and newspapers


Those of us who are literate are going to rather tend to read a lot. However, having about thirty years of magazines and newspapers in the house, might not be the best idea. It is even more silly when archived news is more easily available with the Internet.


Boxes, just boxes.


Boxes are a useful item to store other items. When you need boxes just to store your boxes there are problem. There are a few cases where hoarders collect boxes to an obsessive level. It can be rather scary. Boxes are useful but only when they have their uses.


Old mail.


Not just old bills mind you, as it is highly suggested that you keep a physical record of your bills whether they be printed from the Internet or the old fashion way, but all kinds of junk mail and free offers. In addition to the previously mentioned boxes, as this type of hoarding may be considered

a sign of laziness and a potential sign of concern.


Broken down appliances


That toaster your dead aunt got you might have some sentimental value. However if there is a danger of it exploding in your face when you plug it in, there is little use of keeping it around. There are people who have old appliances, because they can’t bear to throw them out. For those who want sentimental value, photographs are nice.




Perhaps the worst type of hoarding at all, is the hoarding of animals. As those who have pets likely know, having one or two pets is a rather high experience. When the pets start crawling into the double digits, it doesn’t matter how much you care about animals, it is impossible to give them the proper level of attention. Those who hoard animals might think that they are doing them a favor by giving them home but really it is just another form of abuse. A couple of pets is a great responsibility to take care of.

Hoarding is rather common and can cause a lot of problems. It is not a great environment to live in and is rather uncomfortable, the worse is gets. There is no item too weird for someone to hoard.

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