Five Search Engine Alternatives To Google

The Google Privacy Policy update making you paranoid and untrusting? Well never fear, there is a wide world of search engines out there. Are they as good as Google? Well your mileage may vary, but never the less, don't forget their are alternatives when you performance a search. Here are five search engines that are a clear alternative to Google.

Five Search Engine Alternatives to Google.

So where will you go? Let us count the ways.


One of the oldest search engines right on the market. And also one that leads to an efficient results many times. It is easy to

overlook Yahoo, but it will be something that would be viable alternative for all of your searching needs all over the web.


A relatively new kid on the block as far as search engines are concerned, having started up in the year 2009, but Bing does show great promise for each and every one of your web searching needs. The results can be fair enough if you understand the search engine to any kind of great degree. So give Bing a try, you might be surprised with the results that it might bring.

AOL Search

America Online for years was the running joke of slow and efficient Internet search. That being said, their engine is marginally more successful than their action web service when it was at its height. And we are fifteen years past the point of

AOL being anything relevant. Still no matter how you slice it, among Search Engines, AOL is a rather viable alternative on the market.


Given that people tend to go to various columns on websites that I am on through this search, it does lend itself to some rather efficient results. It has been around for quite some time, once known better as Ask Jeeves. Jeeves has long since became a distant memory of another itme of the Internet but Ask.Com is still

Duck Duck Go

Quite a strange name among search engines. But regardless of that fact, Duck Duck Go can lend itself to some rather efficient searches. Some have called Duck Duck Go, Google without all of the baggage and it is most certainly not untrue. Duck Duck Go might seem like an absurd name but the results are not absurd.

There is a wide world of Search Engines out there. If Google has got you down, just remember there are choices.

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