Five Reasons Why Children Become Bullies

A common problem in school tends to be bullying. Chances are that if you ever went to school, ever, you have experienced bullying. Whether you have been bullied, knew someone who was, or perhaps in the saddest case was a bully themselves. We tend to really look at the victims of bullying but really the people that are bullied are not the only victims. In fact, the bullies themselves might be the most tragic example. For there are times where bullying is not a simple, unexplained act of aggression. Rather there are reasons for bullying.

A cry for attention of

some sort.

Let's face it, the most obvious root for people to get notice is some great triumph. Or at least what in their minds would be some great triumph. Bullies do this by picking on the weak and the passive, those who will not fight back. In their minds, this makes bullies look superior.

Some kind of mental disorder.

Once again, there are children out there that for a variety of reasons, cannot distinguish between right or wrong. That tends to be a problem, and leads to destructive behaviors that can lead to bullying. As they get older, this could become an even bigger problem. There

is a very slippery slope from bullying to criminal activity.

Low Self Esteem.

They need to feel better about themselves. Therefore, they pick off the weakest and suddenly their lives are not as poor.

The Bully Cycle.

At one time, the bully might not be the bully, but rather a former victim who was once bullied. It is a vicious cycle, when someone gets bullied, something sometimes snaps and thus comes the unfortunate conclusion that the only way to ensure that they are not even put down themselves, is to become the thing that they hate, that being a bully.

An Abusive Home Environment.

Bullies could in fact come from a broken home. Therefore, they would be surrounded by violent and horrific behavior. So that would give a potential cause, give how violent behavior is evenly imitable.
In the end, bullying is a horrific brutal thing, but thinking of the potential reasons can cast an even darker shadow over it.

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