Five Methods In Keeping A Sharper Mind

Aging is something that cannot be helped, it is a part of human evolution. Some people do in fact age more gracefully than others. Some might keep a sharp mind and a sharp body, rather long past retirement age. While said aging cannot be stopped completely, there are many instances where it can be prolonged. When everything is all said and done, time is the one element that catches up with all of us. Especially when our mind tends to slow down and eventually degrade from the passage of time, thus leaving us to be a shell of our former


Five Activities To Keep Your Mind Sharp and Active Into Old Age


There are many things a person can do if they choose to keep their mind sharp into an old age. There will be a discussion of five potential activities that are great in keeping our minds rather healthy and wise into old age.

Reading Books


One of the more obvious ways to keep our mind sharp is to sit down and read a book. It does not matter how old we are, reading is just something that we can excel and grow our minds from. The vast majority of books out there, in various genres, throughout all times, is an indication that there is something out there for everyone.

Doing Crossword Puzzles


Crossword puzzles can be found in many magazines or even in the Sunday newspaper. Also in this day and age, you can purchase a book of them at your local grocery store in many places. Or even they can be found on the Internet as well. Regardless doing a crossword puzzle every now and there is going to get your brain to think. Thus it’s going to allow our minds to remain sharp into those senior years. Do not delay, do a crossword puzzle today.



Writing down your thoughts, whether or not you publish them on a blog or not, is a good way of keeping your mind

sharp. When writing, we can lead to thinking in new ways that we might not have thought of. It is truly an exercise of the mind.

Playing Board Games


Here is something that has gone the way of the dinosaur in many ways, actually playing board games. Yet playing a game like Battleship or Scrabble or any other game, actually getting out the pieces, are going to actually get us to think more. There just seems to be slightly less strategy on the computer game version of these classic games but still if you don’t have the physical board game version, than the computer games would do.


Certain Video Games


For those people who say that video games rot your brain, well you do have a point. However, not all video games are like this. There are games that require a bit of strategy, instead of randomly punching or shooting at things. Not that those games cannot be fun and let’s face it, there are many video games that incorporate a little bit of both, making the experience both education and enjoyable. Continuing that some retirement homes have X-Boxes and Wiis now, obviously this point might ring true. Still as long as you don’t become too obsessed and too absorbed into video games, then they’re all right.

Age is one enemy that can only be stalled but never be defeated. However there are ways to keep the mind sharp as it has been illustrated.

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