Five Deadly Website Blunders

Making a website on a computer can be a time consuming and often costly process to say the very least. However, there are several mistakes that one can make when creating a website.

Putting the Website Up Before Its Completely Ready to Go

There have been many premature website launches that have left a bad taste in the mouth of people. A website that has many broken links right away and many pages that do not work as they should. Therefore many people will not stick around a second time if they discover a website in these growing pains. Things should be

tested and re-tested several times before the website is launched.

Websites are often not a one man operation:

There are a lot of websites out there that are small but they do in fact grow. For one person, that can be overwhelming and you won't catch every single error in each and every part of your website. Therefore you might need to enlist the help of others to look everything over.

Advertisements should not interfere with someone's use of the website.

People don't like to see their time burn up beyond belief. Therefore there is only going to be a certain amount of tolerance that they

have for advertisements. Especially if there is sound that they need to disable. So use sparingly.

No one likes a bandwidth hog.

If your website is very active and even a few pages would load a lot, you might want to rethink this. Many people will avoid your website if it has a lot of things that it must load.

Don't forget to communicate with your users.

Leave yourself open for feedback and criticism and address these issues. Add a forum if you wish. Also make any periods of maintenance clear when you take the website down. People might feel a bit off put if they are not informed that the website might be gone for a while.

Keep these five deadly mistakes in mind and obviously there are many more that you can make. But this is hopefully a springboard to a great website.

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