Five Causes Of Stress

Stress is something that is inevitable. There are many triggers that could cause us to experience stress and cause us to become rather frustrated and frustration.

Five Things That Can Cause Stress

Here are the top five triggers for stress.


There are going to be a lot of things on the job that would cause people to stress out. Perhaps you are working with a boss that seems to have it out for you or is not willing to lead by example, rather just barking orders. Perhaps the rest of the members of your team are rather slacking. Or perhaps the

hours are not what you like to be. Regardless, there are a lot of times where work is going to lead to a supreme amount of stress.


Even the family that loves each other beyond everything else will be at each other's throats from time to time. Fighting with family members and fights within the family, even when you are not directly involved with the fights, you are affected by it. You hope that everything can be patched up. Sadly there are times where there is bad feelings for years and things never get smoothed over. Which leads to more stress.

The News.

When you have every bad thing in the world reported to you like the news often does, that tends to be a bit stressful. Really when one really thinks about it, the news is really hazardous to your health. Yet we feel compelled to watch it to keep up. It is like the car wreck that we are unable to look away from. So we continue to watch the news. They continue to get the

interest. They continue to run bad stories. Thus our own stress is multiplied.


Or rather not having enough of it to make end's meet. In the turbulent economic world, a steady paycheck, with an income that can just allow us to survive is really not a guarantee. Therefore, there are a number of people who are going to stay up and worry about how they are going to feed their family or keep their houses. Even in the best times, money is a concern and in the worst times it is rather a paralyzing stressful thing to consider.

And the number one thing that leads to stress is.


And yes you in fact read that correctly. We don't like to be stressed out. Therefore, we tend to stress about the fact that something might happen that will stress us out. It is quite the interesting thing to think about. However, no one like stress, so we worry about that and thus is that another form of stress.

In the end, we are all going to have things that will stress us out in our life. It is how we are going to deal with it that is the problem. Still there are many contributing factors to stress and these are five reasons why you may have stress.

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