Early Northeast Snow Storm Causes Huge Disruption

The recent snow in the Northeastern United States just proves one thing and that it is that it is never too early to prepare for the winter time months. This past weekend, a snow storm collided with several areas in the Northeast. Given that we barely have the hot weather of the summer, with three digit temperatures in our rearview mirror, I donít think that many were quite prepared for the beginning of the other end of the spectrum of the insanity of the weather. Needless to say many people were caught off guard and potentially with their pants down,
so to speak. The weather had knocked out the power for several. To the point where there was several school cancellations throughout the Northeastern area. Power lines were knocked down and depending on the severity of the area, Trick or Treating might not be feasible. This is perhaps the absolutely earliest snow day leading to cancellations for snow in recent memory. Throughout all of history as a matter of fact, but it was more due to the insane power outages and the danger of falling trees and power outages more than ever before. The fact that it might be as much as a week before power is
restored for those who have lost it is a very horrifying realization to say the least. Given the danger of the wires being down on the sidewalk, it is not advised to go trick or treating. Yet the safety of the people, both children and parents are more important than the enjoyment of the holiday. This is an unprecedented incident, as snow does not begin to be a threat to the middle to late part of November into December. Crews are working as diligently as they can to get everything back running but the snow and the weather is making it a rather difficult time. The fact the weather has happened once again proves that there is no such thing as too prepared. Six weeks ago, people were worried about the heat of the summer. Now weíre at the other side of the spectrum. Be careful out there and if weather like that happened in the Northeast, chances are that it could be an early winter for the rest of the nature. The climate is screwed up for a number of reasons that have been long since debated and this early winter does give evidence to this fact. http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences/meteorology/early-northeast-snow-storm-causes-huge-disruption/

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