Dog Walking: Healthy For You And Your Pet

For those of you who have owned a dog, I'm sure that many of you have come to one realization. You don't really walk the dog, they are the one's that are walking you. Dogs love to walk most of the time, when given the proper motivation. There have been dogs where you just mention that all important "w-word", and their ears perk up. Some of them, might go right towards where their lease is and get all excited. One of the many ingrained behaviors within a dog is that dogs love to walk. Humans might think that they are

taking dogs for a walk but rather they are letting their dogs take them on a walk. Any type of control you might have, are based on a level of trust and obedience that you have with your dog. Or the dog is humoring you, because it feels sorry for you.

Yet, many times, humans neglect this all important task of letting their dog walk them. They intend to do it really but it is just something that slips through the cracks. Many of the health problems that dogs have can be tied into the lack of exercise that they have. Sadly this becomes a problem when dogs gain too much weight, their

lives tend to be a bit short lived or at the very least, very uncomfortable, thus leading heavy vet bills for your dogs.

Then again, you could really say the same thing for humans. A lot of the health problems that humans do have can be tied into the fact that they are not going to have exercise. So if a human has a dog, why not kill two birds with one stone? Get yourself some exercise, while getting your dog some exercise, by letting your dog take you for a walk.

Doesn't take too much time, maybe twenty or thirty minutes every day in the morning right before work. Pull yourself out of bed bright an early. Your dog will be healthier and you will get some much needed exercise as well. It is really something that is bound to lead to nothing but good things and it is going to lead to much healthier lives for the both of you.

So if you have a dog, let your dog take you for a walk. It will lead to a much healthier and beneficial life for both master and canine.

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