Does Keyword Density Still Matter

Keyword destiny is a fantastically polarizing subject as it regards to Search Engine optimization or SEO as it is more commonly known as. There are a number of schools of thought regarding this practice. Including what the proper density is or even if it does matter anymore? There are opinions, theories, and just people plain rather pulling things right out of thin air. Does keyword density even matter anymore?

Keyword Density-Still Relevant or a Relic of Internet Past

Search Engine Optimization is a rather intriguing concept when one really considers it. Few people understand it, a lot of people pretend they do,

and many of us are just scratching their heads. I feel that the more I learn about Search Engine Optimization, the less I really understand. I can only tell you what my own personal experiences are, as per how certain tactics have worked for me as it regards to content writing on various websites.

There are many schools of thought regarding keyword density. The most general accepted answer tends to hover around about two to four percent. However, I've seen people say it is up to six, up to eight percent, even upwards to around twenty to twenty five percent. Obviously that last figure just seems rather absurd and is obvious shameless keyword stuffing. Which Google does not really like at all. And just reads rather badly from the perspective of the reader.

To point things in perspective, to get a keyword density of eighty to one hundred percent, you would have to repeat the same term eighty to one hundred times in a four hundred word article. Which would come off as rather awkward to the reader. Let's throw that school of thought right out the window.

Now back in the day, about fifteen years ago, when the Internet was a far smaller place than it was right now, when there was no YouTube, no Facebook, no Wikipedia, no Twitter, where Google is merely just a baby, the rules of Search Engine Optimization was far different. You could get by in fact with absurd amounts of keyword stuffing, both within the body of your article and also within the meta tags of your article. A website could move to the top due to this practice back in 1997 because the Internet was not as big

and wide as it is in 2012.

Fifteen years later, meta tags are not hold as much if not all weight and they are all but dead as per having any weight on Google. Google as refined their search engine many times, from both what we have learned and behind the scenes. The algorithm has gotten smarter on Google and perhaps to a lesser extent other search engines.

As for keyword density while there is still some amount of weight, the weight is just merely a smaller sum of all of the parts. It is not what the density is but how the terms are used in an organic way right within the article. Anyone who tells you that keyword density is the most important element of how you put together your website or content, they are deliberating misleading you or have been mislead themselves.

It should also be noted that if you pay too much attention to the keywords, then you will be writing for the search engines more than the actual people reading. It will limit what you can work with as well. If you are writing a topic, if it is written well enough, the terms that people may search for will come up often enough where it will matter. A recent experiment where I had tried to get my main keywords to a certain density yielded poor results and it either made little difference or actually my hits slightly dropped.

Keyword density is something that has went by the side, something that was abused in the early days of the Internet, much like meta tags. While it can matter, there is no uniform one hundred percent foolproof density to shoot you straight to the top of Google for every content article within days. The only advice is not to write for the search engines and not to spam your potential search terms. SEO is a forever adapting concept and no doubt everything that the experts thought they know will be challenged anew.

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