Does Formal Education Discourage Critical Thinking

As we all know, the process of receiving an education is extremely important. With that fact in mind, it is extremely difficult to give the most balanced perspective when giving an education. Those who put together the curriculum often find themselves struggling to get something together that will teach the material properly. Therefore, it tends to default to a system of dry but easily proven facts. Which in theory is great, but the problem is that it does discourage critical thinking.

The good thing about people is that we are unique. We have the potential to introduce fresh ideas. For many

reasons some of those ideas are not the best but some introduce a fresh perspective. There are instances where people are scared to speak something that might be considered to be a radical opinion. Yet one of the most common and used inventions have been considered to be radical opinions at one point and the other.

The problem is with education is that students are encouraged to follow everything by the book. As in the facts in the textbook are just there. Now, as they attend college, that does change

quickly. Which also introduces another problem. That being that after students have been conditioned to accept things by the book, adding their own perspective might be challenging.

Critical thinking is something that many people will frown about for a simple reason. It disrupts the status quo. It causes people to question what is considered to be common knowledge. It is a common tool used by tyrants to make people rather accepted and appeasing. While nothing that malicious has occurred within the walls of the schoolyard, there is just something where encouraging things by the book keeps the order and the peace.

Then again, in the end, education is a reflection of society. Where critical thinking is something that is frowned about. Where anyone who takes a stance contrary to the conventional wisdom would lead to a stir. It does take a stubborn person to start the winds of change. Yet, we are taught to accept things as they are written for they are fact at a young age. Therefore, education will be a deterrent to critical thinking.  

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