Difference Between Collecting And Hoarding

One common ailment many people have had over the years is that of hoarding. Hoarders are sadly all too common. What is hoarding you may ask? Well this ailment is defined as the inability to let go of certain possessions. Whether an individual wants to throw out said possessions or merely give them away or sell them, the items build and build. Often times, such a practice is confined to a handful of rooms. The more extreme cases of hoarding can be throughout the entire house.

Essentially, it is having more items than you really need to the point where the

people in the house are tripping over them. Hoarding can be rather dangerous and potentially deadly. Dust collects on the items hoarded. People will not be able to maneuver. Time and energy is eaten up to find ways around the immense clutter.

Now, one should not confuse hoarding and collecting. Collecting is something done with a purpose. Essentially, items of a fandom or fandoms which are orderly placed in a room or closet. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Often times items are placed where they may be viewed, but where they are not a determent to those in the house.

Hoarding is far worse as it impedes forward movement. Not to mention many of the items hoarded will serve no value. The items are busted or in various states of disrepair. Therefore

there is no purpose in keeping the items in such a value. Yet, these alleged collectors cannot part with the items, unable to see them as a lost cause.

What causes hoarding? A number of reasons can be behind the mentality to hoard items. A slippery slope can exist between hoarding and collecting items. People have been known to take their collections too far. Therefore they cross the line from one or the other.

Also, there is a motivation that if they have collected enough items, they will make a lot of money. What these hoarders fail to realize is why there is some money in reselling items bought at garage sales or auctions, it is not that simple. Those who make such money have strict business plans where they estimate and buy as needed. Hoarders go on flights of fancy based on whims. They watch a few programs on television about auctions and how people make money. Thus they think they know it all.

There in lies the key different. Collectors have more structure. If they are to make money off of their collections, they have an item how to properly appraise and sell the items. Hoarders have no such business sense. It is a blind grab in the dark that eventually will lead to potential mental and physical diseases.

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