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Difference Between Bee and Wasp Stings
Published By megamatt09 on 2012-06-18 102 Views

The animal kingdom boasts of many intriguing insects. Two of the insects would be bees and wasps. While on the surface they are the same, on a superficial level given the fact both of them sting, the two creatures could not be any more different. They are both part of the insect class of animal and bees and wasps do in fact both sting. Beyond that, differences do exist between how these particular insects sting their particular prey.

Bee stings are mostly harmless, well unless you have an allergic reaction that some individuals have when it comes to being stung by a bee. There are many individuals that have allergic reaction to bees and the degree of allergic reactions can vary. Some merely just cause the victim of a bee sting to swell up and other individuals can suffer a potentially fatal allergic reaction. If there is any kind of swelling from a bee sting, it is likely a good idea to call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you do not have an allergic reaction to a bee however, then a bee sting is relatively not a big deal. A slight moment of pain but the bee is most certainly going to come out quite worse from the deal. Given that bees who sting you immediately die, then your pain is minor. Just pull the bee sting out and use any kind of home remedy, likely baking soda and you'll be good to go.

Wasp stings are a different matter entirely. Wasps can sting you more than once. This particular insect can sting you repeatedly. Until it either gets bored or you kill it. They will not die from stinging you more than once.

The fundamental fact is that is how wasps incapacitate their prey. By stinging them repeatedly to paralyze them with the poison from its stings. It is a grim fate. Obviously the repeatedly stings of one wasp will not have enough poison to paralyze a human. However we should not minimize the suffering of us as wasp stings are not pleasant.

In conclusion, the difference between the stings is a bee dies after stinging you while a wasp can sting for a while.


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