Death Of Superman Review

It is now time to reach right into the really big comic book box of doom for a random comic book review. The story is Superman Volume 2 Issue 75, part of the Death of Superman event in 1993 from DC Comics. In this issue, Superman is the last line of defense against the monstrous Doomsday and to defeat the dangerous force, the Man of Steel will have to give everything, including his very life.

Superman Volume 2 Issue 75 Review

Superman Volume 2 Issue 75, was titled "Doomsday" part of the Death of Superman story, released by DC Comics with a

cover date of January 1993. This issue was written by Dan Jurgens, pencilled by Dan Jurgens, Inked by Brett Beeding, Colored by Glenn Whitmore, and Lettered by John Costanza.

Needless to say, I'm sure more than a few of you have heard about this comic, the Death of Superman. It was one of the most famous issues of the 1990s and it really did lead the way to the huge event, that went throughout comic books. This book paved the way for storylines such as Batman: Knightfall, where Bane broken Batman's back over in DC and The Clone Saga over in Spider-Man in Marvel Comic Books.

Yet this one, featured the vicious fight between Superman and Doomsday. One

of the more brutal fight scenes and this issue is just one really big fight scene, really going right throughout this issue and it is really nail biting.

Now the real question is, how good is this issue? I mean it's fame really proceeds it and we have all heard of this particular issue, but is it actually a good issue or one of the most overhyped events in comic book history?

I think that it really depends on what you want out of a comic book. Looking at a 1993 comic through 2012 eyes is on rather shaky ground. The artwork is rather good and the visuals were rather awe inspiring issue. And the last moments of Superman, rather clinging to life, in the arms of Lois Lane as he dies, was one of the most famous visuals in comic books.

Most certainly, the Death of Superman is one that you should likely want for your collection just for the sheer notoriety of this issue and the era that it spawned as well.

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