The Death Of Dvds And The Consequences Of Not Embracing The Need For Digital Downloads

Much like the VHS before them, DVDs appear to be on the downward spiral. VHS tended to start going the other way in the late 1990s/early 2000s, due to the rise of DVDs, with VHS dying for the most part rather quickly, as the demand did not make it worth it. The Death of VHS was seen but it seemed to happen rather quickly as DVDs rolled over them in popularity. Many people were disappointed due to the end of VHS, but crisper sound quality, picture, and longer lifespan of DVD products made it an attractive option. Internet Opens a Pandora’s
Yet the rise of the Internet and digital products had brought forth a number of problems. People were able to get the latest releases of movies through means of piracy. In many ways, it was not necessarily because of them not wanting to pay for the movie in some cases, but rather the fact that it was just easier to obtain a digital copy. Ease of use is the number one step to the road of piracy of any type. Evidentially the interest is still there for many movies. Given that many opening weekends have had great turn outs. Of course, this fact would be deceptive in its own right, as the higher costs of tickets for movies in some areas padded the overall grosses of movies. Still the opening weekends and perhaps the weekend after it have been big for many big Hollywood blockbusters, but after that, many flamed out. Higher Turnover Rate There does seem to be a much higher turnover for DVDs being released. Mostly due to the fact that the losses need to be recouped for lack of momentum in the movie theater. So there have been times where movies have been released approximately two months after they have been out in the theaters, when previously it could be a wait of four or five months before the movie could have seen a release. It might not seem much, but obviously the higher turnover rate from the theater to DVD shows that they are going to recoup losses. All of the special features, all of the promise of great quality however might not be enough for some people. Not to mention the fact if people

were truthfully interested in seeing the movie without a doubt, they would do so on the opening weekend. DVD sales had fallen off. Internet piracy will always be out there, as one that door is opened, there will always be someone feeding that demand. The economy plays no smart of it. Offering An Alternative to the Pirates People wanting something for nothing is only a small part of why Internet piracy exists. Granted, interest can be there but not there enough to plunk down twenty dollars for a DVD or whatever. Going to digital download copies, even offering a code with DVDs that are purchased is an attractive option. Another option would be to offer a legal database much like Apple I Tunes, which allows people to have their convenience and also allows some more money to be made. There are many times where an industry is a bit slow to recognize changes in technology and that can bite them rather hard. The case with a CD going back to the music example, is that often times there might be only one or two songs people want to hear and about twelve or thirteen more of fluff. That’s the reason why music piracy was bread in the first place. The alternative was paying ten dollars, fifteen dollars, or whatever for a couple of songs. $0.99 seems more reasonable and Apple saw that before many others did. The fact is people might not want to purchase a DVD for a movie that they might not want to watch once. Especially with the economic climate that we live in this day. Offering downloadable copies, whether in addition to the DVD or as a standalone for a fraction of the price is going to be the wave in the future. There is also going to be a place for DVDs, many people would rather watch a movie on their television screen as opposed to their computer screen or any other electronic mobile device. Yet by not acknowledging this demand for such an alternative, movie companies are going to lose precious money to the pirates. In some cases, the demand is slowly being met but there is a long way to go.

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