Daredevil 295 Review

It is now time to sit down and review another issue of Daredevil, this time being Daredevil Volume 1 Issue 295. In this issue, we see Daredevil join forces with Ghost Rider. Their opponents are the Hand, who has kidnapped several key individuals for their own sinister purposes. Can Daredevil and Ghost Rider stop the sinister force of ninja assassins.

Daredevil Volume 1 Issue 295 Review

Daredevil Volume 1 was released by Marvel Comics with a cover date of August 1991 and with the cover title of "Through the Eyes of an Enemy" Daredevil 295 was written by D.G. Chichester, with Lee

Weeks on pencils, Al Willamson on Inks, Max Scheele on letters, and Jack Morelli on colors.

The mood for this comic book is set up up well, with an additional player being thrown right into the game. That being the Spirit of Vengeance himself, the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is naturally attracted right by the bloodshed that the Hand is undertaking and he finds himself fighting side by side with Daredevil in this never ending war.

The reason why Ghost Rider was involved was the Hand was dabbling in forces of the super natural. With Nazis being involved. Those nasty Nazis, they always keep popping back right up. Ghost Rider and Daredevil do make for a fascinating and rather compelling team up, and really they are very different, but somewhat the same as well.

Ghost Rider looks to

have been affected by something or another, reverting back to his human form, which Daredevil(or rather Matt Murdock), manages to carry him right off for the assistance that he needs. Even though Ghost Rider has great super natural powers, he does in fact have his limits and I really did think that these were well played.

Another key point is the Kingpin's bits of him just going on with business as usual, trying to forge a media empire. He knows as many of us do, that manipulation can be done within the media and that is a key point. Of course, getting the right people who don't have a problem with adding bits and pieces of sensationalism can be the real trick.

This story arc is not quite up and we are going to head right off to issue 295 right next. This is a rather compelling time for this particular run of Daredevil, with the right amount of action and development.

Overall, a rather solid round for Daredevil. If you are looking to complete your collection, then pick this one up for consumption.

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